This month we posed the question: Is Sharing Caring? Is creative collaboration overly problematic or is it the future?

Doug W, from Project S2dio responded with this guest blog;
Wow, you certainly come up with some interesting questions.  Is sharing caring?.. Well creative collaboration is what I’m all about, and it’s what ‘project s2di0’ and our great team all is about, whilst being able to cater for the individual artist.
For me its about harnessing different talents and ability’s from a wide range of diverse individuals and bringing them together for the greater good to create a strong creative team to enable dreams to become reality and give the opportunity to people whom otherwise might have not been able to get involved, maybe due to discrimination of some sort.
Just because someone is not wealthy or from a certain background or maybe hasn’t the confidence or skills, doesn’t mean they should be discriminated against and prevented from collaborating, learning and ultimately developing as a human being-
But sadly this often happens. 
Some creative activities or projects are very individual and personal, so it’s not always appropriate to automatically get others involved.
However, the collaborative journey within a project can be a rewarding and productive experience, maybe helping others to learn a new skill.
When you involve other creative’s that bring in their specific skills and talents that you might be lacking, then It can make a difference between a project being good or amazing.
Often we hear the phrase ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’.  For this blog I think this applies.
We all have ability’s, some not so strong as others but I believe we should build on our strengths, be aware of our weaknesses and if there is something we struggle with then we should seek help or support and maybe out source it.
It could be about equipment.
What I mean is, if I haven’t got a piece of equipment I need for a film/music project, I can usually borrow  the equipment and source it through a contact within our creative circles, this can ultimately mean the difference between a project going ahead or not.
This is usually for no or little payment, and at some point in the future I will offer my skills or support as pay back. 
Or it could be that you need a bit of Sax on a track, and you can call on a musician and they will lay some stuff down for you.  You can’t beat a bit of sax appeal!
I’m blessed really ,I  have a great circle of creative’s that are also my friends and I know we can come together and create some amazing work when required.
Pop up Nottingham is a great way of getting involved and pooling resources and skills if you don’t have that creative circle already in place.

Can creative collaboration be problematic? Or is it the future?

I think it depends on your attitude and the attitude of those around you and the way you interact, respect others and conduct your business (if you have one)
I work full time, so that’s my main income…so the incentive to be thinking of money from the start or charging people or making profit isn’t at the forefront of my creative thought processors.
So, whilst I understand some services do need paying for, some people wont even get out of bed, or consider a project with out talking cash first ,irrespective of the collaborative experience of working with and helping your fellow creative’s.
This can have a negative impact on the creative process that I like to keep as fluid and organic as possible.
Through life I’ve skirted past and avoided many people; put a warning triangle against some embraced others, and developed some life long close friendships. 
I’d like to think I’m a good judge of character. 
I’m careful who I associate with, but I never burn my bridges.
You never know when you need something.
Creative collaboration isn’t the future.  It is the now, especially in the current economic climate.  For me it’s about honesty, reliability, respect, selflessness, support, understanding, belief, toleration, Team work and focussed graft.  If you can get those elements together, then you’ve cracked it, and the possibilities are endless!

Article by Doug W / 24th April 2012


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It's Not What You Know, it's Who!