Monday 16th April 2012

It’s been a great weekend catching up with friends and loved ones but now its back to reality I don’t know how but I left the tap on in the toilets at work, which has caused a bit of a mess and some damage. Boss is not happy with me at all and is now “spouting” on about the water shortage in the UK telling me that half of Britain is now officially in a drought and it’s the worst national water shortage since 1976!
Well, I think that I’ve just added to that…Oops…You would have thought that with all the rain we get in Britain, we would have stored up enough water to last us a life time. The last dry spell or drought I can remember was when my boyfriend left me back in 2008, not a good year; I was given the hose pipe ban. 

Tuesday 17th April 2012 

I have to do a bit of travelling for work, which I never complain about, it means I’m out of the office and not under the watchful eyes of my boss, which is never good. I’ll be starting of in France and then ending up in Norway (Oslo). Which I’m sure at the moment is going to be fairly quiet due to the trial of Anders Behring Breivik for the slaughter of 69 people on the island of Utoya plus 8 in a car bomb attack in the centre of the Norwegian Capital. 
For a human being to have so little compassion, but then to show such emotion when viewing his own atrocities is quite chilling. How deep rooted was his hatred? What was he thinking when he woke up that fateful morning? I’ve felt anger at the world before, but all that’s done is driven me to drink, or to my knees; although I do remember an old friend who experienced my wrath once, she now crosses over the road when she see’s me. I always wave at her though….. I’m not one to hold grudges, just her by the short and curlies.

Wednesday 18th April 2012 

I went out with the girls last night, it was just a quiet one seeing as it’s a school night and from past experiences that I don’t want to talk about, it’s not worth the headache….Literally. The government are trying to curb binge drinking which they think will save the lives of more 1000 people a year by putting up the price of alcohol which they hope will stop the over indulgence. 
Do we think that this is going to work? Is it a case of people carrying on regardless? Do people always find ways and means to fund their lifestyles and habits? Either way it’s a win, win situation for the powers that be, because that’s a thousand more people still alive to line their pockets. 
Not wanting to get caught up in the crazy politics, and to save even more money I decided to try and make my own “hooch“…… There is a reason why we have breweries; I’m going to call my concoction “pooch” because it actually tastes like wet dog….. “Rough”

Thursday 19th April 2012 

Due to the recession, more and more people are losing their home’s, there are people being evicted left right and centre. There are programmes on TV about such subject matter all of the time, whether it be home evictions or deportation out of the country, yet when it comes to Abu Qatada who is appealing against his expulsion, the red tape is so thick it cannot be cut.  Not that I’m saying he should or shouldn’t be deported, I’m just saying, if it was you or I we wouldn’t even have had time to fasten our seat belts before we would have landed at our destination.  I got evicted from a shop once; I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that extra portion of beans, not good….. I think the shop keeper had to have counselling. 

Friday 20th April 2012

It’s the end of the working week; people are fraught with deadlines and will probably end up losing themselves in the number one mind anaesthetic called drink. Why not change the habit of a life time and invite a colleague or a neighbour round, have fellowship with each other, encourage one another, help to build peoples self esteem, only “We” can make the difference, let today be that day. 
Have a fabulous weekend.

Article by Citizen Jane / 20th April 2012


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