My serious interest in photography began in 2005. At this stage, I was taking photographs for my own pleasure and had no aspirations to pursue it as a career.

During the following years, friends and family constantly kept telling me how good they thought I was, and there were many suggestions that I should take things to the ‘next level’.

We set up MP Photography to move my work onto a professional footing. Our business is based around Five Core Services: Event, BusinessPRO, TrainingAcademy, PhotoLAB and Portrait. These Core Services allow my team and I to cover the whole range of photographic services. I personally specialise in Documentary Wedding and Landscape Photography, but we're more than happy to take on any photographic work.

I am Finalist: Professional Photographer of the Year and Finalist: Landscape Photographer of the Year. It’s pleasing to have recognition at the highest international level of the photographic industry, and validates my work, as well as the work of others I have trained. 

I don’t think there are any hard-and-fast rules as to what makes a great photograph. Some photographs can be staged and work very well, and equally, ‘raw’ photographs that capture a moment can also be extremely powerful. It’s really all down the ‘eye’ of the photographer and their creative vision.

I love meeting new customers and discussing their requirements with them; I think photography is often mistaken as a purely technical endeavour. It’s really all about people and their needs, and how we can meet their requirements creatively.

It’s also pleasing that in these tough economic times, our business continues to grow. Our team is expanding, as is our need for additional office and studio space as well as training workshops for anyone of any level who wishes to improve their photographic skills.

We also have a growing international presence. In the last twelve months alone, we have worked inAustria and Italy, and our wedding photography takes us all over the UK and worldwide, including a fabulous wedding in a castle on the Isle of Skye. We have weddings booked into 2014, and there is more international travel planned. 

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Article by Mark (Photography) / 6th December 2011


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