Is Sharing Caring? Is creative collaboration overly problematic or is it the future?

Collaboration is most definitely problematic and it can also be a very fruitful experience.
You can benefit from both, working with people and working by yourself, both of these things will make you a better person, being able to do both of these things is essential to survive in a working environment, creative or corporate, there’s so much to learn from other people, if you open yourself up to do so. 
Personally I’ve been very lucky to have been around people much older than myself from a young age, lots of my friends had at least 5 or 6 years on me and this gap has grown bigger as time goes on.  Through this I was able to see the things from a more experienced point of view as well as my own; this helped me develop lots of good ideas about society and the world we live in, to gear myself towards doing something effective within it.
Working on your own can refine your skill set, your character, your style, your methods and approaches, and the way you execute projects.  As your relationships and networks become stronger, the stronger your influence can be on other people when you come together to collaborate.  You bring value to a situation, realizing this, gives you the confidence to work with highly skilled individuals and then allows you to move further on your own.
Achieving things with a group of people can be one of the most rewarding things, arguably much more rewarding than achieving success on your own; they say it’s lonely at the top, so you want the people around you to rise up with you that are a true form of success.  For you to be living it up whilst your “peoples” are struggling to eat is a serious unbalance, share the wealth, offer the opportunity to another, they will more than often surprise you.
I also think you can do things with a group of people which you can’t achieve on your own, there’s a random factor introduced with the fusion of different people, when individual minds come together, that’s the magic really!
I feel to keep it short and sweet this month’s blog, less is more :)

Article by Tom (Music) / 10th April 2012


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Is Sharing Caring?