I went to the cinema last Friday (Good Friday) hoping to watch something that I would enjoy so that I could inform you, but alas, no joy so I'm gonna recommend a DVD that I know you're gonna love. 
I don't know about you but when you've seen one autobiographical film about someone famous, you realize very quickly that you need to see more.  Why? Because when they are done properly, they aren't boring, but rather give an insight into the dark workings of the subject matter you have chosen to pay to watch on the big screen.  (Or if you're broke like me, then you're watching it on the telly!), for example, have you seen the delightful film "Goodbye Mr Chips" which is about a loyal teacher who plies his trade during the Great wars of the last century (it's not a true story g!-ed). 
Ok, that may not be good example so what about a public figure that we've all heard about (Sadaam Hussein) but with a twist? 
Well "The Devil's Double" tells the story of Sadaam's psychotic son, Uday, who gives an old school associate an opportunity 
of his lifetime (which will be shortened if he refuses the offer) in being his body double whenever he (Uday) is invited to appear at a public event where there is the potential for him to receive physical harm. 
Now I know this doesn't sound like an interesting story but take my word for it, this is fascinating.  Watching a son who clearly has daddy issues, trying to be Scar Face in the hope of pleasing daddy, plus the actor who plays both roles is either schizophrenic or a master of his craft (I'm going for the later).  Also when Sadaam's character appears on screen, there's a strong captivating screen presence too. 
Some of the things that Uday does on screen are truly awful and reminded me of the question the baddie in "Enter the Dragon' Mr Han 
asks his co-star in the film John Saxon.  Mr Han puts a beautiful fluffy white cat into a Guillotine and asks; “is it possible for a man to be truly evil?” 
John removes the cat but if it was Uday playing the role he would have taken the cat out of the French decapitation contraction, removed 
his Cuban heels, then proceed to beat the 9 lives out of the cat! 
I remember physically looking away from the screen during a scene where he teaches a friend of his dad a lesson he didn't live long enough to regret... 
Go see this film if you like you're "historical" films meaty, artistic and thoroughly captivating.... 
Hopefully, I will be back next week to talk about some quality movie releases I’ve seen on the big screen.  We live in hope.

Article by @gmanzen / 10th April 2012


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