Hi my name is Doug and I’m one of the Managers at Project s2di0.

The subject of whether creativity should be free is a very emotive and interesting theme for me; one which I have tried to answer in my own way.
For me, creativity costs nothing.
For me creating something from nothing is such a fulfilling experience.  Over the years I have created stage props, blood and gore special effects, masks, prop guns, and highly detailed models out of the most basic of elements and materials.  Getting the right effect and the right finished article is my goal, how you get there doesn’t matter that much but can be fascinating if explaining or showing the process to someone else.
You can be creative in a million ways; none of them would cost anything or at most a very small amount of money.  Singing, dancing, drawing, painting, writing stories, poetry, recycling materials to use in creative ways i.e. the construction of display, sculpture or other art installation-to name just a few…
Creativity is only limited by your imagination - It can be a very personal journey.
I have seen some amazing creations made out of things found lying around in the home.  I’ve seen some amazing, low budget, visual special effects on the big screen-some of my favourite examples are  in the 1982 film ‘Blade Runner’ Directed by Ridley Scott.
You could easily forget the age of the film and believe a lot of the effects are digital, but this was an age before CGI and all of the sets, models and props have been built by hand often by cannibalising other models or household items.
In ‘Blade runner’ props from the 1977 film ‘Star Wars’ were used to create the detailed cityscape. Not everyone shares this vision, and some can be quite negative in their interpretation of your creativity or of what you are trying to achieve.
Cost becomes an issue when you just can’t get by with out buying a certain object or material.  At project S2di0 we like to fashion and build our own things as much as possible.  We are aware of how important recycling is today - imagination and recycling fit together so well.
You get so much more from a project if you have designed and produced the article yourself - and it saves you loads of cash too!  An example of this was construction of sound treatment panels in our rehearsal rooms and studio that can be easily moved and placed as required.  On the other hand some things just can’t be made or be made easily and have to be bought.
Pop Up Nottingham is a great collective of creative’s.  Some might argue ‘why do I have to pay these people to belong to this collective?’ 
You don’t have to pay; as it is a free choice but it offers some creative’s that don’t have the contacts or the tools to find their own contacts the opportunity to collaborate with others on things they get a lot of pleasure from when other wise their opportunities would possibly be limited or to venture into new territory.
Pop Up Nottingham can open some serious doors!
Creativity costs nothing but websites and raw materials do.
We promise, we didn't pay him, but see what Doug and Project S2dio are doing with their Pop Up Nottingham Profile.  

Article by Doug W / 9th April 2012


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Shouldn't Creativity be Free?