Monday 26th March 2012

Things really heated up over the weekend with the weather, it was gorgeous in one sense and hideous in another, with some people exposing skin, that would make Yoda look like Kate Moss…..  Although it seems like things are also heating up in the public sectors’ salary cuts, which will widen the pay gap between men and women, the Government wants to boost private sector job growth and cut the state wage bill, it has been noted that women will be worse off, possibly losing a fifth of their salary….  Should it be a case of taking it back to basics when men and woman’s roles were defined? Have women through equal opportunities taken away men’s masculinity.  Is it right that women get paid less than men even if they their job performance is the same? Tennis players are a prime example of this.  So just like my clothes economically things are going to get tighter, ironically both caused by the same thing……  Greed!

Tuesday 27th March 2012

I decided to have a dinner party to celebrate the fact that we are now experiencing lighter nights, there was good food (even if I say so myself) quality wine and excellent company.  Although ironically due to the fact that I forgot to change the clocks in my house I was ranting at everyone thinking that they were all late when to my shame and incompetence I was way behind time…. One thing is certain though if I was asked, I could name my dinner guests in a flash, but I guess that’s why I’m not the Prime Minister, when it comes to the Government it tends to revolve around lies, money and deceit.  If we are to believe what the now ex Tories Treasurer, Mr Peter Cruddas has said regarding £250,000 donations to go towards the party from dinner guests, palms are being greased possibly with the oil from lucrative countries….  My guests didn’t even offer me 25 pence as a donation for my party and the only palms that were greased was from the olive oil in the salad.

Wednesday 28th March 2012 

My son came home from school saying that I can no longer discipline him because the government said so, and if I do he can call child line…….  Needless to say after his comments he now realises who actually feeds and clothes him amongst other things and it isn’t the government I believe he will be thinking twice about what he says out loud to me in the future…..  Is it true when they say that poor parenting contributed to the lead up to the outbreak of looting, violence and riots last summer? Yet “They” tell us we cannot discipline our children (obviously there is no need to beat them within an inch of their lives because then that would be going too far), but a parent should be able to guide their child to be able to survive in this society without having to worry about being blackmailed with Government enforcements by their children.  Do you think that if  “They” didn’t take away the rights of the parents and teachers, we would be living in a different society? Has this taken away the respect that children used to have towards parents, teachers and other authorities? Is it ok for Governments to tell us how to bring our children up, and then tell us how we should or shouldn’t discipline them? How ironic is it when people/countries do not curtail to Governments rules and disciplines, they throw their “teddy and dummy” out of the pram and decide to go to war….  We must nurture, educate and look after our children, show them the values of respect…..  As my dearly departed uncle once said, “If you don’t have children, who are you going to get to clean the house and send to the shop”?

Thursday 29th March 2012 

A friend and I decided to go on a little trip to the coast today to make the most of the gorgeous weather, only to end up back at my house forty five minutes later hot and annoyed from trawling around trying to find a petrol station that didn‘t have a queue spilling out onto the road which in itself caused delays….   Why would the Cabinet Office Minister  Francis Maude throw it out there about the supposed petrol strike and get the people all flustered and in a panic, is it a cheeky ploy to get people to spend more money by putting extra petrol in their tanks than usual so the more we fill up is the more “Their” coffers get filled? Is it another way of showing their control over us watching us flap about like a fish out of water? Francis Maude recommends that we store fuel in petrol cans but the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) are against this stating the dangers it could cause….  So here I sit in my back garden which is not quite the coast, trying to talk my friend into giving me a piggy back so that I can imagine that I’m riding a donkey along the beach, (strangely she keeps saying no to my request).  Well we’ve let the powers that be “fuel” us into submission on many occasions, but how long will we let “them” keep “fuelling” us.

Friday 30th March 2012

There is talk of the “Big Society” and it has been mentioned that when we take money from the cash point, there is a service to make a donation towards a charity……  The word charity means Love and it should start at home, we need to spread the love and money doesn’t have to factor in it, 1st Corinthians 13 v 13 says And now these three remain; faith, hope and love (charity).  But the greatest of these things is love (charity) (NIV).

Article by Citizen Jane / 31st March 2012


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