A series of events are being planned in Nottingham this year for artists living and working in the East Midlands around the theme “2012; END OF TIME” to be held in Autumn 2012. 

Artists and creative professionals are being canvassed for interest. There are opportunities to show or present works at the Malt Cross exhibition space and other venues around the city centre.
The year 2012 has been widely interpreted as signifying the “end of time”, according to some translations of the so-called “Long Count Calendar” of the Mayan culture, amidst suggestions that the Mayans could predict the future accurately.
It is hoped that the exhibitions can be mounted in the autumn of 2012 beginning in September through October, in a number of events outside the established gallery scene.

There are five subcategories to the proposed theme:

  • APOCALYPTIC VISIONS: Cataclysmic events, war, devastation, aftermath etc.
  • A NEW WORLD: Challenging the world order, utopian visions, social/philosophical debate etc.
  • WARNINGS FROM THE ANCIENTS: e.g. Atlantis myth, Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, ancient astronauts, Book of Revelation etc.
  • TIME AND SPACE: e.g. Black Holes, End of the Universe, Chaos theory etc.
  • SPIRITUAL CONCEPTS: New Age philosophy, transformative events, religious vision etc.
Funding is being applied for although at present the event is not funded. Therefore participating artists will be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of exhibiting but this will be kept as low as possible.
If you would like to know more please come to the Malt Cross on St James’ Street Nottingham at 11 am on Friday 30th March 2012. Or simply join our facebook page where more details will be posted shortly!

Article by Lucy G / 29th March 2012


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