Monday 19th March 2012

I went away at the weekend to go and visit a friend; I have to say that there are far too many cars on the road with some really bad drivers at the wheel; you’ve constantly got to keep your eyes on the road…  No more reading at the wheel for me.  Motorways are getting more and more congested.  It’s probably going to get worse if the Governments plan to privatise them goes ahead.  Just like they did in 1989 when they privatised water to repair the 19th century sewage system, I only know this because I have older brothers and sisters. 

It could lead to road tolls on new routes as existing roads are not allowed to be levied, although widened and improved roads maybe.  Are we being “driven” mad by Governments decisions that we have no say in? Are we happy to go down the “Road” of tolls?   Or should we live life in the fast lane, put our foot down and refuse to let “Them” continue to take away our “licence” of toll free roads?  Personally I think we should let “Them” know how cheesed off we are and give them the cold “hard” shoulder.  

Tuesday 20th March 2012

I was walking down the street the other day when I saw a man throw what I thought was a child into a skip, I ranted and raved at him, shouting that I was going to ring the police, he just kept looking at me, whilst blinking rapidly, only for me to discover that he was having a house clearance and had thrown a large doll into the skip…  Oh the shame….  Although some crazy things have happened lately, last week there was the coach crash in Switzerland, this week the shooting at the Jewish School in Toulouse and only God knows what’s happened in between, it just seems like dark times at the moment, people are fighting and struggling over the lack of money, although George Osborne is talking about offering £20bn in low cost loans to small business‘s, where did this money come from? Why now after the Economy Horse has bolted? Will it be for the select few? How tough will the process be and will we have the stamina to jump through so many hoops.  Once again we are offered a carrot only to get a stone…  Oh well thank goodness that there isn’t more than one “Osborne” every minute.

Wednesday 21st March 2012

I went to play golf with a friend today, I’ve only ever played crazy golf but have always been bored by the “proper” game whenever I’ve watched it on TV (possibly because I don’t understand the rules).  My friend on the other hand as he continued to tell me all the way to the course, is an expert, but his disclaimer was that he hadn’t played in years….  Needless to say we pulled up to what once was a golf course but is now a housing estate! Well I’ve never heard such colourful language from a so called gentleman.  I think if George Osborne was in the vicinity, he would have been beaten with a “green belt” due to the fact that in his budget speech he will be announcing that ministers will be publishing their final National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which removes the protection given to our ordinary countryside’s.  Do we think that before this happens we should look at all of the vacant properties within and around our towns and cities? Or should we get rid of the green and turn it into a concrete jungle? Every house built means more taxes into the government’s coffers…  I think that I can smell something and it’s not just the country air.

Thursday 22nd March 2012

Well now that the budget is over and we the people are all happy with how much more money we are going to be stung for…..  Not! Every year it’s the same battered briefcase that is held up like something we are meant to be proud of when all we would like to do is use it to batter the person holding it, is it just me or  do you think that the coalition crew are all morphing into the same person…  They all look the same. 

As if things aren’t tight enough as it is, everyone waits with bated breath to see if we can survive another year, while “Their” only worry is whether “Their” expense account sheet will be signed for.  Unfortunately we can no longer ask the old folk for a hand out due to them being forced to fund the tax cuts for the wealthy which will raise £1bn a year in tax……  Talk about a “gran” slam.

Friday 23rd March 2012

As times are getting tougher, we need to become tighter as a community, we cannot keep shutting our doors on one another.  Let us dig deep and find our compassion and lose our selfish spirit.  Remember your greatness is measured by your gifts not your possessions. 

Article by Citizen Jane / 23rd March 2012


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