Monday 12th March 2012

I overslept this morning to my horror….  I have a deadline at work and it needed to be in by 09.30am, so why am I still on the bus at this time…?  My ass is grass and my boss is going to be the goat ripping it out by its roots…  Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.  I’m not going to let him get to me though; I refuse to let the powers that be dictate my state of mind….  Speaking of which, what was going through the mind of theUSsoldier who shot 16 civilians inAfghanistan? Why has the man not been named? Are “They” really shocked by this occurrence? Do we really believe that this has never happened before? Do we need to wake up and really see what’s going on around us? Well if only I’d woken up this morning, because my new deadline could be finding myself another job….  How many warnings can a girl get, well I’d better put more mascara on and start batting my eyelids.  The things you do to stay of the breadline….  Well my bread is mouldy and my line has zigzagged…  Go figure.

Tuesday 13th March 2012

How is it that my kids think that my surname is “Bank”…..  NOOOO….   I think they realise now that I haven’t got money to throw away on brand new trainers every five minutes, I actually caught my youngest son drawing a couple of stripes on his trainers to make them look like Adidas ones….  His big doe eyes looked at me as if to say “look what you’re forcing me to do”, ask me if I’m bothered, well of course I want to get my kids lovely things but when it comes down to fashion or putting food on the table then he had better keep drawing those lines.

Unfortunately things are very tight money wise for most people, but there is no incentive out there for single mothers, it already seems that George Osborne, David Cameron and his Government are in talks and could possibly be out to penalise single working mothers if they change the benefit system to Universal credit, people could be losing up to £68 a week….  Does the Government want to see us progress as a nation? Are we not the Government and “They” are just our managers? Do we just sit back and let “Them” get on with it because we can’t be bothered?  Surely we should let them work for us….  I might write to David Cameron to let him know that my dish washer has broken and he’d better roll up his sleeves and bring his Marigolds.

Wednesday 14th March 2012

Work is sending me on a course just outside ofNottinghamthe hotel itself was a frightening experience…..  Oh the good life….  David Cameron has been sent toAmericato sit and “Natter” with Barack Obama, how dreadful was it to watch Barack try to be funny by using supposed British colloquia’s…  Is it right for these people to sit in the seat of judgement and decide what the end game will be inAfghanistan? Should we be able to just invade and attempt to conquer such places or do old habits die hard? Is war the only way? What would be another solution?

Well as David and Barack are travelling on Air Force One, I will be travelling on the 141 bus…  Have bus pass, will travel. I really do live the life of Riley…. Blimey O’Reilly. 

Thursday 15th March 2012

I’m still very upset that I didn’t manage to get any tickets to the Olympic games, I suppose it’s just as well, because if I’d gotten all the tickets that I’d requested, then I would be about £5000 light now….  Well more to the point in debtors prison.  I can only imagine what the traffic and tube congestion is going to be like…  Although the London Underground Tube workers have been offered £850 as an incentive for working with “unlimited flexibility” for an indefinite period of time after the Games have finished, the workers have rejected the offer….  Strange that….  (Said with tongue in cheek).  Good for them, that’s what I say; it makes a refreshing change to see that not everybody is motivated by money.  Lives could have been in danger if people were forced to work unreasonable hours…..  Talk about “mind the gap” namely the empty space between the ears of the people who ill thought out this deal.  They obviously lost their “train of thought”.

Friday 16th March 2012

Have we lost all hope of compassion for each other? Do we care about people other than our friends and loved ones? When was the last time you smiled or said hello to a random person that has crossed your path…  Remember true understanding is found through compassion.

Article by Citizen Jane / 17th March 2012


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