Sitting in-front of a piano with a blank score sheet, a computer screen with a new Logic or Pro Tools session, or being a rehearsal room with your instrument in hand staring in the faces of your fellow band members can be an Exciting, Daunting or even Anxious feeling.

The blank canvas effect.............this is where History is made...............but what are the key factors to creating a great music production? This is something I am still a student of, but I will share with you my experience’s and views on this, and what I have learnt so far. I often wonder what Quincy Jones face looked like when he was putting together Thriller or Off the Wall, how often he smiled? Or how Seal felt after he laid down Kiss from a Rose, a song which touched millions of people around the world. (I imagine he felt emotionally exhausted after that one)

I think the first thing to consider is mindset, your state of mind during the approach of the production. At the studio, (Project S2Di0, Nottingham, we have a ‘Development Monitoring System’, each time there is a studio session or any type of presencse at the studio, we fill it out, it is a simple form which asks for a date, names of attendance, the ‘state of mind’ of attendance. Every 6months I tally up the results from the DMS, the state of mind box collects some very interesting results. The moods of all the people that use the studiohave a huge variance, this reflects the nature of the type of person which may play or be involved in creating music, but this certainly not a stereo type to make upon this sort of person.

Beginning with a strong sense of clarity can help to acheive great results. For a long period of time I was creating music without a major purpose, it was just what I did, I did music and I aimed to do it a great fashion. I enjoyed the practice, the activity, it made me happy. This is a great place to start a journey, to start with the end in mind, as we can expect some great challenges ahead of all of us were our sense of purpose and our passions will be challenged.

For me it was a development period, in which I would experiment, and develop my unique ‘feel’ as a producer/musician. Music is something which is inside all of us I believe, its just about harvesting and exercising it, just like you would a muscle or any other skill. Your unique feel is dependent upon many things, it depends where your at as a person really, your tastes, your ear, your influence’s, and how much your influence’s influence you.

That last comment is an interesting one. I think it’s easy to sound like your favourite producer, especially nowadays with all the software emulations and technology available to us, just at the click of a few buttons. This emulation I speak of is a case of researching how they produce their music, the equipment they use, the recording techniques etc... this stage is essential but is NOT original. I believe in order for you to truly progress and truly further your own potential as a producer/musician, you have to go beyond this. During your early stages of your pursuit as a producer it is a natural to follow your idols and role models, but as you develop we must become strongly connected to our true selves and this SENSE will be projected this into back into the music.

Will continue in the next Blog...

Peace and Love

T dot

Article by Tom (Music) / 29th November 2011


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