Is creativity elitist? 

I’m going to find it hard to add anything of substance to this topic as I feel Tom from project S2di0 smashed it with his blog!

I share Tom’s view; everybody is creative in their own unique way. Creativity is as natural as breathing or giving birth and so is open to everyone and in everyone.  I feel creativity becomes elitist when a person decides to follow a creative career path, or even dares to choose a creative path of a certain genre.

If I decided to become a singer, or a dancer I feel I would be accepted into this genre with open arms, there are numerous and endless supplies of talented super sonic black female singers & dancers that have blessed the air waves with their emotive vibrations… And long may they continue.  Enter the film world; more specifically the director/producer film world and melanin rich female faces are a tad more infrequent. This sector of the creative industry is dominated by white male middle or upper middle class people, who tend to have white middle or upper middle class friends whom they employ!

I feel there is a mixture of elitism, nepotism and stereotyping in the film industry, which I don’t spend too much time considering…I prefer to spend my time creating.  I don’t come from an affluent background, none of my family members work within or know anyone that works within the film industry, and it just means I have to be more creative… to find ways into the industry.  I might not have the money to throw into a filming project, but often I just find creative alternative to make it happen.

With the accessibility to technology and the power of the internet the film industry is becoming an avenue that more people can explore, ok, not all of them are at a professional standard, but more stories from diverse voices are being disseminated.  To be creative, in my opinion, means to be free to explore, to experiment with your genre, to combine other strands of creativity to make a unique innovative fabric.

I looked elite in the dictionary and this is what it’s said:

Noun - A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, especially because of their power, talent, or wealth.

The operative word here is ‘considered’; people are only elite because that’s what outsiders brand them, think of them or how they treat them.  Often the ‘elite’ rely on their power and wealth to enhance their talent, whereas people without power or wealth just rely on their talent!


Article by Ioney (Film) / 16th March 2012


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When Creativity Becomes Elitist