Monday 5th March 2012

As per usual I’m in trouble again at work, I just can’t do right for doing wrong, how was I supposed to know that my boss’s sister wasn’t a guy in drag…..  Has she not heard of “Immac”? Oops…..  Needless to say I have a meeting with my boss regarding my position within the company, I actually know my position thanks, and it’s at the bottom of the ladder on the rung where everyone scrapes the crap of their shoes….  I’m not bitter… My back is broad…  Well that’s what they keep telling me at my local gym.  Oh well, there is always Tesco’s, they have created 20,000 jobs, they say that they want to invest more in people as well as try to revive the slow sales…..  Well I suppose they can afford to as it is a £67bn a year business….  David Cameron is over the moon stating that “it will be a big confidence boost for theUK“….  Think of the Revenue David….  What I’d like to know is who is Tesco’s in cahoots with, they have shops opening up left right and centre, causing all the little independent and local shops to bend over…  Is it catch 22 though?  Do we want more jobs from such big companies? Can local businesses thrive? Can both work in conjunction with one another? Or will it be a case of the underdog being infected by the corporate fleas…  Just the thought of that is making me want to scratch an itch….  But I guess that wouldn’t be the first time.

Tuesday 6th March 2012

Is it me or do things seem to be more expensive these days?   Everyday is looking more and more likely for me to be purchasing the blue and white stripe goods from Tesco’s, things are tight (and I don‘t just mean my clothes)….  The Finest foods are now an after thought…  What would parents do without the extra change they call “child benefit“ should people in a higher pay bracket be penalised for earning more money by getting their Child Benefit taken away to reduce the deficit? Or should we just stop going to war? “War huh, what is it good for”……. making a lot of money for Governments that’s what….  Then how will the “Child Benefit”.

Wednesday 7th March 2012

At the moment I’m off work and therefore I’m a lady on tour….  ok so it’s just around Nottingham, but I guess there are some sights to behold….  Unlike the tour that Prince Harry has been on around the Caribbean, in aid of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, at the moment he is in Jamaica, he had a mock race with Usain Bolt, I noticed he didn‘t wear the tight running shorts….  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was saying things like “Yeah Mon” and “Irie” because that’s what all Jamaicans say….  Right…  How awkward do you think the trip was, seeing as the Jamaican Government wants to get rid of the Queen as Head of State, is the Queen actually bothered? now I know the Queen can’t make every port of call but it was interesting to see how she visited places with good resources such as Australia, what has Jamaica got, Sugar Cane, Rum and men with very big……  Hands

Thursday 8th March 2012

My mum and dad have had seven children, I guess it was a case of having “one” for each chore around the house, we did the housework for free, without pocket money and willingly (well we pretended we were willing when our parents were looking anyway).  If only we new about the minimum wage…. Well if you knew my parents it wouldn’t have made any difference.  Vince Cable the Business Secretary has been talked into that by raising the legal minimum wage for those 18-20 from the current £4.98 could deter employers from taking people on, he is now in talks about freezing the minimum wage for workers aged twenty and under, we will find out if this is going to take effect on March 21st 2012 around the time of the budget.  Can we still call it “Slave Labour” or should it be called “Slave Conservative”.

Friday 9th March 2012

This week all seems to revolve around money, the lack of it, the conservation of it and the Governments plans to take it away from us to stock pile it for “Their” resources, whether we have it or not shouldn’t determine if we are happy or not, if we helped one another we could overcome such problems, remember we reap what we sow.

Article by Citizen Jane / 9th March 2012


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