Art takes many forms, and the type of art often determines its accessibility.

As photographers, we try to make our work as accessible as we possibly can. Much of this is freely available through our web site and blog. Our work gives us enormous pleasure, and we like to pass on that feeling whenever we can.

Other art forms can be financially elitist; high ticket prices for the opera, for example, and sometimes geographically elitist in the case of London-centric theatre. It's pleasing to see that art of this kind has made strides in recent years to provide reduced ticket-prices at off-peak times, and more London shows are embarking on 'provincial' tours with considerable success.

The internet has completely changed the way photographers work, and has torn down the traditional barriers between us and our audience.

Our portfolio is now available to a global audience, and our web site has a truly international readership and welcomes visitors from around the world. This has given us the ability to work for clients as far afield as Italy and Canada, who would never have known of our existence otherwise.

That said, the internet is no substitute for seeing large-format, properly-presented photography 'in the flesh'. The small screen of the computer cannot possibly do justice to the scale of some of the pieces of work we create, and it is in this context that galleries still remain relevant and important.

There is an important distinction to be made at this point between promoting our work, and giving our work away free of charge. The subject of copyright and plagiarism will be saved for another article another day.

Article by Mark (Photography) / 8th March 2012


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Is Art Elitist?