I don’t think the act of creativity is an elitist thing, I think it is something within all of us, something which all of us use on a daily basis.  Living life itself can be regarded as an art form, the art of living life.

I meet people that are really good at living their lives, they may have mundane or “normal” jobs, but they execute their lifestyles in a creative way.  I think we can be creative with things like, managing your time, communicating with people, navigating through sticky and adverse situations.  This is possibly the truest form of creativity and it is most definitely fundamental for people that do art, because the art is stemmed from your life experiences and lifestyle, it’s almost parallel to the life you live.

Most of the greatest art stemmed from era’s and people who were up against the

most adverse circumstances, racism and repression being the major one in the black communities. Through the daily things they had to deal with, they found ways and means to express themselves in a unique way, a way which was true to who they were. This is how people like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, NWA, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Mohammad Ali, Berry Gordy and the Motown movement, Stevie Wonder’ (there are countless examples, I can’t think of them all, but do the research, post it back on here, share the information) became role models and people that inspired others.

I think when this art becomes a thing desired by the mainstream and the masses, the elitist then take control of it and sell it to the masses that want to buy into it, then culture transcends itself and everyone wants to be a part of it. The biggest example of this is Hip-Hop and the thing which has happened to hip-hop, the consciousness and the purity which is what it was all about in the roots of it, is shunned out of it.

I read an article by the rapper Too Short, who has just put out a new album, suggesting that there was an attempt to remove conscious hip-hop music from the mass public demand.  I think this has happened, and it was instigated by elitists, the ones who have the pulling power to do such a thing. The motivation for doing this is purely money driven.

Watering down the information and the content which the mass receives through music will eventually result with a mass which have watered down a consciousness to their thinking, less free thinker’s more cabbages and barbarians.  Thus resulting in a mass which is much more easy to control and manipulate, to strong arm and sell products which therefore is making the gap between the elitists and the masses bigger.

So if you make conscious Hip-hop or conscious music for that matter, there is no hope, give up NOW, start making watered down music, so you can make your money and gain your sense of significance.

It’s easy to forget the free thinkers, the purists; they are at the root of this chain of events I’m talking about. I believe it will shift again in time; it takes generations of work to spread the message.  Initially it will be very unrewarding, highly underpaid and unappreciated.  You have a very steep hill to climb, but the sooner you start, the higher you’ll climb, it’s the realisation which you need the perspective, the hard headedness, the courage, the belief and the ability to achieve the impossible, which we all have the capacity for, 99% of us just don’t try and don’t realise how lucky we are to have such opportunities in 2012, they are too comfortable.

You might not be successful, going against the grain doesn’t guarantee success and it’s more likely to end up in misery, a homogenous failure! But I think the success is within trying it, people will know that you tried it, and further down the line you will inspire someone who will have the ability to bring about the changes you wanted, the things you were unable to achieve, these are comforting thoughts, but I believe in them.

I think the question is; whether you want to be at the root of the tree? or another leaf on the branch?

Baring in mind; a tree takes along time to grow, and the leaves fall in the autumn. Decisions.

Article by Tom (Music) / 6th March 2012


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