Saturday 18th February started of very wet, but that didn’t matter because members of “POP UP NOTTINGHAM” were invading three bus stops around the city, one in West Bridgford which was taken over by the boys from Project S2dio, who had a live jamming session with drums etc, it definitely was one not to be missed, although some actually missed their bus so that they could continue to revel in this delightful musical experience.


Carrington Street bus stop opposite the train station was the next one which featured Julie Glynn a featured Artist on the PUN website, she had set it out in the style of being in a living room environment which gave it a very homely feel, to the point where people had to be moved on for trying to actually move into the bus stop, one person even offered to pay rent.


The final stop was on Friar Lane, where The Mouthy Poets were showcasing their talents alongside Pete Spowage another member on PUN.  Deborah Stevenson really made it clear why they are called the “Mouthy Poets”.  Fun was had by all as the rain disappeared and the sun came out to play, if you missed us, don’t worry because we will definitely be “POPPINGUP” again very soon.

Article by Jackie P / 5th March 2012


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