Monday 27th February 2012

Now I don’t know about you but for me with the weather being as unpredictable as it has been I need time to relax in the sun…… Well when I mentioned this to my man, off he went and made me a lovely cup off coffee and brought me “The Sun Newspaper“….  Needless to say I hit him around the head with it a few times…  I suppose at least I can escape it’s seediness unlike Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers, who is giving evidence to the Leveson inquiry to expose its corruption….  She states that “multiple payments were made to public officials in the Government, military, prisons police and health service“.  Nine senior journalists on The Sun have been arrested….. Why is a certain Red haired Executive not one of the nine??? Am I being cynical, but don’t you find the timing of her baby quite perfect….. “The Sun” it has caused some people to get lightly tanned with a healthy glow, whilst others have been burnt to a crisp…

Tuesday 28th February 2012

When I was at school, sometimes to fund my music collection, I used to ask people to lend me money knowing that I would never pay them back, (I’m not proud of this) we used to call it “Taxing”…..  Oh the innocence of the school Tax system…..  Boy, how things have changed, at least I told them what I was using the Tax money for…  Unlike our Governments who fail to tell us that our taxes are used in part to fund “Their” wars that we never agreed to, it’s the only way that they can raise the capital, it doesn’t matter what nationality you are “They” will always want you to pay to keep our country safe, it’s the reason why taxes were invented.  Do we want George Osborne to be our modern day Robin Hood by putting up the taxes of the rich to help the poor???  Who do you think made us poor and dependent in the first place? I’ve travelled to quite a few places around the world and we are a nation that pays tax on nearly everything…  We never question that even though they tax our wages, we still get taxed on goods etc…  Why???…  I feel like I need a blood transfusion for how dry I’ve been bled….  It’s called Income Tax for a reason because “in comes another Tax”

Wednesday 29th February 2012

I went to visit a friend of mine, who has fallen on hard times, she has moved to an area where to put it politely…..  It’s a dump.  As I walked down her street there was a rat stood on the corner and as I passed by, it offered me some sanitizer gel for my hands…  I thought that the metal grids on the windows were a new type of European black out blind… Not good.

We are being told that drugs gangs and organised criminals have turned some parts of our British cities into “no-go areas” where the Police have “apparently” no authority; this is according to the head of a United Nations drugs agency.  It has been stated that certain areas of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham are as bad as crime infested Favelas in South America… (Council from these cities have denied this), I have been to Brazil and I’ve never been anywhere in Britain that remotely resembles the Favelas, If you’ve seen the film ”City of God” then you would know that it was filmed based on the life in the Favelas.  How easy is it for one to fall into crime? What causes us to do so? I was asked such questions in a survey by a little old lady in the street as she lent me her pen to tick of my answers, I told her that I would like to think that I have steered clear of crime, that I would never take any body‘s property without their consent and people who do such things should be reprimanded…….  I’m just going back to return her Mont Blanc pen that I put in my pocket by mistake……  I really didn’t take it on purpose….  Honest.

Thursday 1st March 2012

I was speaking to my friend’s son the other day and he was telling me how he felt he was being forced into a corner to join the Benefits for work scheme, which is an unpaid work programme, he was told he could possibly lose his benefits. How the Government expected people to want join such a scheme is beyond me…..  Although there has been a big turn around and now Chris Grayling has stated that the youths would no longer be losing their benefits, could this be because big corporate companies have decided to pull out due to the threat of benefit sanctions and did not approve of forced volunteering and work without pay….  Sainsbury’s has the right idea and have got a scheme of their own which is always linked to a job vacancy and so has a few other big businesses‘.  Although I have to say the kids of today should give thanks, I remember when youngsters were sent down the pit or up the chimneys for pittance (best place for them), oh those good old days when children were seen and not heard, when back chat wasn’t even in our vocabulary….  Is it wrong to just have kids so that you can send “them” to the shops, so that you don’t have to get up of the settee???? My dishwasher and live in cleaner only cost me labour pains….   Boy was it worth it.  

Friday 2nd March 2012

Gosh, we hear of kids stabbing one another, gang related fights, a brother being tortured by his sister, where has our state of compassion gone? Do we no longer care about each other? Have we turned into a selfish nation? Is life so hard that it causes us to turn on one another instead of towards each other? Remember the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.  Let’s have a heart for humanity.

Article by Citizen Jane / 2nd March 2012


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