Monday 20th February 2012

My children are worried because I’ve booked our family holiday, which is in term time…. They have heard that the Education Secretary Michael Gove wishes to axe such term time excursions and a fine could be incurred……… I say this….  They’ll have to (fine) me first…. What about people who work in jobs where they only get certain holidays a year, which don’t actually coincide with their children’s school timetable…..  Why don’t travel companies stop ripping us of and manipulating us hard working folk by bumping up the prices of holidays????? Then people wouldn’t have to take their children out of schools. Will those who have the money be bothered by a fine??? Or will they (tongue in cheek) fund the new gym at the school….  I funded a (Jim) once…. I think I should’ve tried to get my money back….

Tuesday 21st February 2012

A friend told me how she went on the Euro star and across the border she met a guy who had a pet monkey and decided to bring them both back with her….  Due to the long queues coming back into the country she was able to hustle them both through without any problem whatsoever…. This is probably why the Home Secretary Theresa May wants to separate the UK Border Force from the UK Border Agency (UKBA).  She realises that from the report that John Vine (Chief Inspector of the UKBA) issued, has identified repeated failings in the system….. Mr. Vine launched an investigation when it emerged that UK’s border checks were being relaxed at Ports and Airports, without ministerial approval, 7,200 out of 23,000 staff from the UKBA will lose there jobs on march the 1st…..   How has this been allowed to happen???  Who or what has made it through without anyone knowing….  This will probably up the prices of our future journey’s…. Yet in the next breath the government wish to take away OAP’s free bus passes….  When will they actually get the balance right (No I don‘t mean the OAP’s balance).  Governments have got a lot to answer for…….  So quick to deny people their rights but as soon as “Their” expenses are tampered with, woe betide……  Anyway my friend is no longer with the guy but she is still good friends with the monkey, but when the guy found out he went “Ape” no pun intended.

Wednesday 22nd February 2012 

When I was at school, exams seemed so straight forward, I even remember a school friend of mine looking at his exam papers and thinking, that he had other things to do so he just wrote his name on the exam papers and he got 2 marks for his effort…… But now, Michael Gove wishes to make exams difficult for our teenagers….  Why are “They” setting out to cause our youngsters to fail in these tough times, do “They” want to see progression or regression? You would think the latter the way things are going at the moment….  School days are supposed to be the best times of our lives…  But now it’s a place where youngsters are being bullied and because of the way technology is going these days, it’s no longer just in the playground…  It’s a place where through pressures our youngsters are taking their own lives….  It’s a place where young girls are getting knocked up….  The only thing the guys knocked up when I was at school was the door knockers on our front doors as they came to call for us…..  The mind is a terrible thing to waste…. We need to encourage our youth…..  Let’s face it the sooner they are competent enough to leave home the better for our bank balances…. Right.

Thursday 23rd February 2012

I went round to visit my elderly neighbour Doris to see how she was getting on, I found her huddled on her sofa, wrapped in a blanket whilst wearing ear muffs (I guess that’s why she didn’t hear me knocking on her door, it’s a good job I’ve got a key, the deaf old bat).

I asked her why she didn’t have any heating on, she said it’s because she couldn’t afford to.  How can someone who has worked all of their life to the age of retirement, who has paid consistently into the system, not be able to afford life’s basic amenities.  Yet Sam Laidlaw the Chairman of Centrica makes no apologies for his profits….. We are not just talking a few extra pounds here (like the ones on my hips), there has been a 4 per cent rise in British Gas to £2.5bn, old Sammy is expected to receive a bonus of up to seven figures, I have to admit I did receive a seven figure bonus once £00000.07pence…..  I don’t know how these people sleep at night……  Well I guess very well indeed, on a comfortable bed….  In a top notch house….  Need I continue……?  When some 55 million households inBritainare thought to be struggling to afford heating, which accounts for 10 per cent of our income, this affects people like my lovely neighbour Doris….  We decided to sit inside her fridge where it was considerably warmer, while those Fat Cats get considerably fatter….  Those Cooking Fats…..  Spoonerism don’t you just love it.

Friday 24th February 2012

A very good friend of mine constantly tells me that once you know something how can you un-know it….   Let’s try not to be ignorant to what’s going on around us; if you look back over the week you will see that none of us are exempt, from our youth right through to the elderly….  We are fed a web of lies on a day to day basis from adverts with their small print to government policies….  It is written, “The Truth shall set you Free”….

Article by Citizen Jane / 24th February 2012


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