Monday 13th February 2012


Someone I know keeps moaning that her son is working far too hard, he has just finished his degree at University and wants to go off and travel the world for a year before he settles down into the “real mundane life” as we know it…..  She said that he is working every hour that GOD sends to make money for his little excursion, although between you and me she is tighter than a gnats backside and could help him out if she wanted to…… 


Has she seen the statistics for young people out of work, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) have warned that with a record of 1.02 million 16-24 year olds out of work, young people are vulnerable by having little to fall back on, she should be proud of her son to be able to stay employed at this time, maybe he works so hard so that he doesn‘t have to be in the house with her for longer than is necessary…… Well I don’t think that the IPPR has seen my bank balance… The young people aren’t the only ones, with nothing to fall back on I think I might just have enough for a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch….  If only banks could devise a way for coins to come out of the cash point too.


Tuesday 14th February 2012


Well....  “They” tell us that today is the day of love and we must go out and buy Crap to celebrate this day...  Well I’m having none of it; we should all be celebrating our love for one another everyday...  Why are we like sheep that are lost following one another with no actual direction and have to be told on a day to day basis how we should be living our lives? Buying into the consumer market just for the sake of it....

Now I’m not saying not to put back into society, but why must it be on certain specified days? We need to revive our City Centres again to bring in the revenue to knock this so called recession on its ugly head but it needs to be consistent either that or bring back the bartering system a brilliant concept.....  Having said all of that though, I’m still not giving my next door neighbour the beautiful bunch of flowers back, that were sent to me by mistake, was this cruel of me even when she nipped round for a cup of coffee and admired them saying how fortunate I was, because her no good boyfriend didn’t make any  effort whatsoever.....  Valentines Day...  It has its advantages.


Wednesday 15th February 2012


I was out the other evening, sat having a quiet drink when a guy who was just a little bit worse for wear sat in his seat and must have thought to himself I can’t be bothered to go to the toilet so I will just urinate where I sit.....  Now this wouldn’t have bothered me so much if he didn’t happen to be my date.  Now old David Cameron says that he will back Drunk Tanks, these are one man cells used for troublemakers as well as “Booze Buses” that will tour the streets helping incapacitated drinkers.  Apparently it cost the Health service £2.7 billion last year to treat drink related problems...  Are people starting to turn to drink and drugs to escape? It clearly doesn‘t matter who you are either, look at the tragic death of Whitney Houston on Saturday February 11th, most would say, she had everything we could hope for, but you just don’t know what demons are chasing people.


Alcohol...  It keeps us warm on cold nights after you've peed yourself....  It causes us to lose our inhibitions but gain a sexually transmitted disease...  It has caused innocent children to be taken away from their parents.....  It has caused husbands to beat on wives and wives to beat on husbands.....  It has caused more fights than Mike Tyson or any other boxer will have experienced in their boxing careers.....  More and more of our children are addicted to alcohol because it’s so easily accessible...  One of its Nick names “Demon drink" is for a reason.....  But so long as the powers that be continue to gain from its revenue it will always be readily available for people to find temporary comfort in.... Just more and more ways to destroy us subtly....  All it takes is one sip....  Remember there are always hormones at the bottom of every glass..... Think before you drink....... This is not a Government HEALTH WARNING.



Thursday 16th February 2012


Now some of us think that having wicked thoughts is, thinking about having a cream cake with our break time coffee…..  But for others the mind boggles, what is going on with people at the moment, a vicar gets stabbed in his own home in Thornbury near Bristol and a 13 year old girl stabbed in a park in Doncaster to name but two, the news is full of other similar stories, what is actually going through peoples minds, we are all living in society and majority of us share similar pressures of life, but does it warrant taking someone else’s…..  My mother used to say to me when I was a child that “If you think it’s bad now wait until you get older”, I used to think that they were just the ramblings of an old crazy lady, but nope as per usual the old goat was right……  But don’t ever tell her I said that.



Friday 17th February 2012


When I look back on this week it fills me with sorrow, Life’s pressures are causing people to act in ways that you wouldn’t believe….  The powers that be could turn things around if they wanted to, so ask yourselves this question….  Why don’t they????? I do say this most weeks but I can’t stress it enough, we need to support one another and encourage each other through these perilous times….  Remember united we stand divided we fall.


Article by Citizen Jane / 17th February 2012


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