The Vow

Any of you wonderful readers of my reviews married? Yes, good so you know about "The Oath" (you know the vow we all make, "to have and to hold, richer or poorer until we see another finer skirt eh, but I digress.....)

Well, I went to see "The Vow" which is about a wonderful young couple Paige and Leo played by Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum who get married in front of their close friends but without their Parents, which is a bit strange although this little oversight is explained at the end.

Leo is the owner of his own recording studio which to me is like living the dream.  Paige is a Sculptor who is clearly destined for big things; I also have to say that their apartment is a converted warehouse which is my dream type of place. As an aside my lady says that I do treat our family dwelling as a warehouse but, I digress.....

One day the happy couple are travelling in the snow, laughing and having fun when a Truck runs into the back of their car which is stationary, and the force of the impact causes Wifey to be propelled through the windscreen.

The next scene is Wifey (Paige remember) being treated in her hospital bed and she's just regaining consciousness, hubby is at the end of the bed looking pleased because Wifey's on the mend, but is she? (Queue: Twilight Zone music)

Wifey takes one look at hubby and asks him “if he’s the Doctor”? This is the start of hubby doing all he can to help his wife to regain her memory (remember he still loves her deeply but she doesn't even recognise him).

Over a period of time hubby tries his best to help Wifey to remember, but nothing he does seems to work, so what should he do? She's changed so surely "all bets are off right?"

It has often been labelled that the young do not honour their marriage vows (think how long Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries for, 72days and what about Rudolph Valentino, the biggest silent movie star who seems to be portrayed by the French actor in The Artist, he was married to the Actress Jean Acker but it was never consummated (what does that mean? hhmmm).

Check out this Globe and Mail article "The 10 shortest celebrity marriages"

Does the vow matter anymore? Well most people will say that the vow is said in church in front of a Priest who represents God but what if we do not believe in God anymore?  Doesn’t that make the whole marriage ceremony a sham?

The beauty about this film is that the couple didn't decide to get married in a church and use the traditional vow because Wifey wrote her vows whilst supping a hot beverage in a coffee shop called "Mnemonic" which for all you avid students of knowledge means "A mnemonic (pronounced with a silent "m"), or mnemonic device, which is any learning technique that aids memory".

Did the vow written on the menu from the coffee shop called Mnemonic aid her with recapturing her memory? Watch the film at a cinema near you now (check press for details........)

The Woman in Black

Before I saw this film I said "it's bound to be rubbish because of the fact that "Harry Potter" is in it!

Also I have to be honest it was billed as a horror film and I don’t do horror (as my lady always tells me, if I want to see horror then look in the mirror immediately after getting up!)

But, I digress....

I also want to make it clear that my missus asked me to find out the times of this film due to the fact that her class at school were reading the book, she wanted to compare.
So I find out the times then she says, "I’m not going ‘cause its horror! ("Blood and fire" was my considered retort which if you're not from "de Caribbean mon" means, "I vex” (not happy).

So now I’m stubborn and determined to go and show her what she's missing by not coming on a date with me, Billy no mates!

On with the review...

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) stars in this film based in the Edwardian era. Dan (I feel we're close enough to abbreviate his name) plays the young lawyer Arthur Kipps who lives with his four-year-old son Joseph (Misha Handley) and his son's nanny. Kipps' wife Stella (Sophie Stuckey) died after childbirth. Kipps has visions of her and is facing financial problems along with stress from his employers. He is assigned to handle the estate of Alice Drablow who owned Eel Marsh, where she had lived with her husband, son Nathaniel, and sister, Jennet Humfrye (Liz White). Kipps gets a room in the town and makes friends with Sam Daily (Ciarán Hinds), a wealthy landowner who offers Arthur a place to have dinner with him and his wife (Janet McTeer).

"So what's scary about that!" you cry?
Ok, let me try to convey how scary this is film is.

There is a "myth" in the village that says that if the ghostly apparition is seen, soon after a child dies in horrible circumstances, now that's the word, "horrible" and this film is.

I remember watching "Hammer House of Horrors" every Friday night after the news at 10.30pm and the shows featured famous horror characters such as Dracula, The Mummy, Werewolf and Frankenstein but that was a Children Film Foundation production in comparison to The Woman in Black.

This is proper scary and made me think while I was watching this film, how was I gonna convey the horror?

I reckon I clearly haven't got the ability or vocabulary but if you know me by now, you know I’m gonna fail miserably ...

Do bare in mind that every time "something" happened on screen, "something" happened inside my tummy! The scenes involving the ghost are truly, truly scary and I did think that this film must have used people who are experts in the occult because it didn't feel like a normal run of the mill horror film, what you saw on screen you could feel inside you.

A very clever horror film but do remember that this film has adult themes so why is it a 12A?

Also, Daniel Radcliffe made his name as a young kid learning the black arts (I’m just being real). Is it possible that he was chosen by the powers that be to instil a curiosity from the young into the paranormal/witchcraft? (Discuss)

I won't go into detail about the end of this film but I will point out that I don't believe that a spirit of the deceased can still inhabit this world. What you tend to experience with a ghostly apparition is a demon that has been around your recently deceased loved one doing an impersonation of them. You, the one in grief, then either go to a medium, clairvoyant, séance or another to get back in touch with "granny", "Tiggles" or whoever and what do you get? A spirit that does things that you would find familiar (hence the name of these apparitions; Familiar spirits)

According to all of the Monotheistic religions the dead depart the earth and await a judgement. The two dimensions do not cross unless you create an environment that is a doorway between the two worlds (i.e., chessboard floors denoting our world and theirs just like you see in a Masonic Lodge ceremonial floor or inside Westminster Abbey).

This film will reignite some people’s interest in the occult or the spiritual but a word of warning; the genre is called horror for a reason. Be careful of what you want because you may get more than what you've bargained for.........

And don't let your 12yr olds see this film because they are far too young to be introduced to "the darkness“. 

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Article by Gman / 13th February 2012


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