Monday 6th February 2012

Well once again I’ve upset my neighbour by staking a claim on her land….  It doesn’t belong to me but I prefer her garden to mine, so why can’t I have it? IfEnglandcan stake a claim on theFalklandswhich is miles away and strategically placed may I add, I guess the oil has nothing to do with any of this (said with tongue in cheek) and no one questions this????  Then why can’t I have her garden which is only next door? Was it wrong of me to wee on her Rose bush to mark my territory? Well it backfired on me anyway, due to the thorns; I couldn’t sit down for a week.  What a prick that was…..  No pun intended.

Tuesday 7th February 2012

A very good friend of mine always tells me to “try not to become the thing that you criticise”…..  I’m going to have to stop criticising him…. Nosforatu is looking good in comparison…..  Seriously though speaking of criticism our British Foreign Minister William Hague has the audacity to summon the Syrian  Ambassador to express his and I quote “abhorrence at violence that is utterly unacceptable  to the civilised world”…..  Our government has been killing innocent civilians for years it‘s called collateral damage…  Does committing such acts whilst wearing a uniform make it any different? Persecution inDamascuson innocent people has been going on for years, Paul was on the road toDamascusto kill the Believers, before God changed his attitude, way of thinking and life….  Let’s face it, for things to change that’s what it takes….  Are we afraid to know the truth? Are we happy to stay in our safe bubble while “They” feed us hypocritical lies? I have to admit though;Syriaisn’t high on my holiday destination list at the moment….  The hotels aren’t what they used to be…. 

Wednesday 8th February 2012

A friend came to see me in tears, she said that her husband worked for a certain company and to cut a long story short he got a little bit greedy and he got caught tweaking the books….  Which as we all know is an absolute no no…  Needless to say he has had the book thrown at him…  (Not one of the ones that he tweaked) the sun was definitely not shining down on him…. Harry Redknapp on the other had must have had all of the illuminations shining on him, due to his “not guilty” verdict on the allegations of tax fraud…..  How is this possible? we ask ourselves when looters in the riots received prison sentences for stealing bottles of water etc, now I’m not saying that they were right to take what didn’t belong to them….  But when does the Law become fair? …… Well….  Now that this messy interlude is all behind Harry he can concentrate on becoming theNew Englandmanager…..  Coincidence or a ‘coordinated instance’…  I’ll let you decide.

 Thursday 9th February 2012

 I’m staying in today due to my calamity Jane status…..  I was out in the city centre yesterday and slipped on a bit of ice…. I reached out to grab the first thing that would break my fall which was the pony tail of the young lady in front of me which due to the fact that it wasn’t as secure as she would have hoped it came off in my hand….  If looks could kill, I would be as dead as some people’s careers….  So I’m resigning myself from society today……  Speaking of resignations don’t you think that it’s strange that Fabio Capello was in talks with the FA whilst old Harry was receiving the “not guilty” verdict….  Then “surprise surprise” as Cilla Black once said Capello decides to ask for his P60 due to the sacking of John Terry from the captaincy role…. I pose this question if Joe Bloggs in a nine to five job had the allegations of John Terry hanging over his head would he still be in his Job??????  Would his boss take one for the team and resign on his behalf?????  Is it one rule for one and something else for another?????  Football sometimes it can be a load of balls.

Friday 10th February 2012

It’s a crying shame when we cannot help our fellow man, it’s all about the divide and conquer rule…..  Is this a way for “Them” to keep us bogged down….  We tend to shut ourselves away from our neighbours, and we listen to the web of lies that gets dictated to us everyday…..  Let us make a stand and open our arms to one another and encourage each other….  Times are tough for everybody so lets make it that little bit easier by living together in peace and harmony.

Article by Citizen Jane / 10th February 2012


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