We asked Tom, if he thought people should pay for Art and creativity or whether it should be free - provocative we know, but its an important discussion.  Here is his answer:

Creativity in my eyes is providing entertainment, providing a source of enjoyment for people pushing the boundaries of what we do and what we know as a society changing and developing the existing idea’s of what we are and what we know we can do, building upon what already exists.

If there was a Tom Harris dictionary, this would be the definition of creativity.  I don’t know what Oxfords definition is, but mine might be better!

Paying for creativity is putting a value on it, but not everything we enjoy we pay for.

Like going for a walk in the countryside, or spending time with your partner, enjoying the fruits of our earth, this doesn’t cost us anything. This is creativity, the creation which is called the Earth! God’s Creation!

Enjoying the Fruits of somebody else’s labour may cost you something, and this value is dictated by the height of the impact the creation has. i.e. Leonardo Davinchi’s Mona Lisa = $500 Million Dollars excess, Project S2Di0 recording Session = £20 for 3 hours or so…

For me personally I think the combination of money and Art is an area I’m cautious about and it’s always been one I’ve tried to avoid.  The thought of money, or the motivation of money can distort what you do if you are not careful, especially within the creative process of what it is you do.  It can water down what you do, or dictate what you do in order to appeal to mass which will in turn fund your work. I am real a purist in that sense. In my opinion creating the highest humanly possible piece should be the primary focus, that’s the highest priority.

If the product is at the highest standard then the money will come in one form or another.  Beyond money in any project, activity or creation there is always consistency, 100% of something more valuable to gain, such as relationships, experiences, information, practice, patience, new insights and realisations. These things are so easily forgotten, but what you do with them dictates the money, the success, the reaction and responses. Complex numbers!  You can fall into a trap and spend a lot of time waiting for it all to pay off.

‘Working full time on my job and part time on my fortune’ - Jim Rohn, that’s a Jim Rohn Quote and I like that philosophy.

I also think its important to work, even if its a job you have that gives you a sense of appreciation for when you do get that freedom and opportunity to learn about the world, the system, the people who don’t create art or understand it, to keep you grounded within a society/community in which we live, no matter how confusing or distorted it may seem at times.

Don’t get me wrong I like money and I need money, so that I can take my friends out, treat myself and my family, and make investments, but I think the motivation has to be progression as people and as a society. This is a greater and higher reason to work all hours of the day and night to try and better ourselves. Stay true the rest will most definitely follow. Simple Mathematics.

Article by Tom (Music) / 7th February 2012


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