Here I am again struggling to settle down to my work. I’ve done the ironing, washed the pots, watched loose women and cooked a nice lunch, not to mention made endless cups of tea.

My work sits in a room silently waiting for me.  I sigh out loud, mentally trying to persuade myself to go upstairs to my studio and get started. It is not that I don’t want to  finish my paintings ( I’ve got two large canvases that need a little more work ), It is just the fear of spoiling  what I’ve already done or not being able to finish them and be fully satisfied with the end result.

Not to worry, at last worked out what the problem is. It’s RESISTANCE! This is not my word; it belongs to Steven Pressfield, from his book The War of Art. Resistance is by his definition, self – sabotage. It is the way us creative types allow anything to stop ourselves getting down to work because of our fear of success.

I know I procrastinate before I start painting but why, because It is something I love doing, once I get started.

In his book Pressfield explains the internal obstacles we all encounter. He writes in a very straight forward way about the struggles we face and how to overcome them, how to keep your eyes on the prize and become a professional. He discusses the creative journey, the fear of failure and success, looking for and finding inspiration. He makes clear how to overcome these issues, to galvanise yourself and win the battle with RESISTANCE.

 I’m going to read it again. Oops…am I procrastinating!!! 

Article by Julie (Art) / 6th February 2012


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The Creative Art of Procrastination