Monday 30th January 2012

When I got to work today my boss said that due to my performance he was deducting money from my wages I don’t understand why, all I did was fall asleep at my desk for a couple of hours and then when the important phone call he was expecting came through all I did was ask them to call back when I had woken up properly….  I like to come round first before I start talking to people…  I can’t see what’s wrong with that.  The miserable old goat…. Unlike the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) boss who declined his bonus of £963,000 apparently under pressure… How many of us would have made this decision?  “They” tell us there isn’t any money in the coffers, so ask yourselves this where does this spare cash come from to pay such an astronomical sum as this as a bonus?????  When I find £3 pounds down the back of my sofa, that’s a bonus!

Tuesday 31st January 2012

My sister is planning a trip toFranceso I got her some Euros….. Well only so that she could bring me something back… don’t you think it’s a bit strange that we call ourselves Europeans yet we are so different.. In our work ethics, money, lifestyle and sometimes even politics… David Cameron wants to enforce budgetary discipline yet is reluctant to sign up to the new “Fiscal compact”… which ladies is not something that can be bought at Mac.  Is he right not to??? Will it change anything?? Do we really care? When everyone inEuropehad their own money did things appear to be more reasonably affordable?  Well inEuropethe money may have changed but I guess the Mullet stays the same.

Wednesday 1st February

My son came home from school today very upset, he said he wanted to take a GCSE in tiddly winks but seeing as vocational qualifications which is data used to compile school  league tables have been dropped, so it looks like a no go area for him…. Could this cause a divide between academic and vocational subjects?? At the moment 3175 qualifications are treated as equivalent GCSEs which some schools have been accused of using vocational qualifications to improve their rankings, the Coalition plans to cut that number to 125 with just 70 of them counting towards a main performance measure of five A*to C grades at GCSE….. Should it be up to the government to decide which exams are of more merit than others?? Could this be another nail in the governments coffin?? Thank goodness vocational training was available for me, I find being a qualified blackhead squeezer so fulfilling.

Thursday 2nd February 2012

I was very sad to hear about the demise of Soul Train founder Don Cornelius, he helped to break down racial barriers in theUSwith music he was a true legend and pioneer…. I can honestly say the only things I have broken with music are glasses and windows with my appalling singing… It still wasn’t a reason for them to take my Grammy away from me though….. Now I know how Fred Goodwin (former Royal bank of Scotland) boss feels having being stripped of his Knighthood due to being blamed by the government for starting Britain’s worst recession since World War Two….. Can one man do this alone?? Or has he been set up to be the fall guy?? I hope he didn’t change all of his stationary…. I’ve never been stripped of a Knighthood but I have been stripped of my nightie…

Friday 3rd February 2012

Everybody is talking about how tough times are at the moment, Everyone seems to want to chase the Dollar, remember the “love” of money is the root of “all” evil.  Let us take this time to come together and help one another, it lessens societies/life’s pressures and  helps us to focus on others and not just ourselves… let us try to love one another unconditionally, it could make all the difference.

Article by Citizen Jane / 4th February 2012


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