We have been running our Pop Up Quiz aboutNottingham’s creative history for the last couple of months on our facebook page.  If you have missed it, here are all the questions we asked.  The answers are all at the bottom of the article. 


1.  MUSIC:  What is the name of the Nottingham based music group that had three hits in 1974, including the chart-topping ‘Billy Don’t Be a Hero’?

2.  FILM: Nottinghamborn Actress Samantha Morton, won a prestigious Golden Globe Award for her controversial portrayal of Myra Hindley, in which 2006 television film?

3.  FASHION:  Where did Nottingham born fashion Designer, Sir Paul Smith open his first shop?

4.  ART:  The site on which Nottingham Contemporary has been built is said to be one of the oldest in the city, but what has been there in previous years?

5.  CRAFTS:  Who designed the Worlds first Rocking Piano?

6.  PHOTOGRPAHY:  Regarded as one of the finest landscape and travel photographers of 19th century India, who settled, and later died, in Nottingham?

7.  CREATIVE WRITING:  Lady Chatterley’s Lover was the last major novel written by Nottingham born D. H. Lawrence, it was first published in 1928 in America but was highly censored.  In what year was it first published openly in the UK?

8.  FOOD and DRINK:  How many Michelin Starred restaurants is their in Nottingham?

9.  MUSIC:  Who is Nottingham's highest ever charting female singer?

10.  FILM:  The smallest cinema in Europe is right here in Nottingham.  The doors reopened earlier this year under new management, what is it now called?

11.  FASHION:  In what year did the last lace factory in Nottingham stop production?

12.  ART:  In what year was Nottingham Society of Artists founded?

13.  CRAFTS:  What is Nottingham alabaster?

14.  PHOTOGRPAHY:  In what year was the first aerial photo taken in Nottingham?

15.  CREATIVE WRITING:  The Artic Monkeys claim to be heavily influenced by the first novel written by Nottingham born author Alan Sillitoe, but what is it called?

16.  MUSIC:  Which major American record label has Nottingham based band, Dog Is Dead, just signed to?

17.  FILM:  The cast and crew of the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, came to Nottingham over the summer to film scenes at which Elizabethan house?

18.  FOOD and DRINK:  Punchinello's was Nottingham’s oldest restaurant, having opened its doors in 1890, but in what year did it close its doors?

19.  FASHION:  In what year was the School of Art and Design founded at Nottingham Trent University?

20.  ART:  Nottingham born architect Fothergill Watson erected a statue outsideTrent University,School of Art and Design, dedicated to which Nottinghamborn Romantic landscape painter?

21.  CRAFTS:  In 1886 the story of the Raleighfactory began with three men, Woodhead, Angois and Ellis. In 1988, The Raleigh Cycle Company was founded, under who’s ownership?

22.  PHOTOGRPAHY:  Andy Earl is a Rock and Pop photographer who has captured the faces of countless music celebrities including Robbie Williams, Faithless and Manic Street Preachers, but what did he study at NottinghamTrentUniversity?

23.  CREATIVE WRITING: Nottingham born novelist Robert Harris has worked with which ‘International Filmmaker’ on screen adaptations of two of his novels?

24.  FOOD and DRINK:  The oldest inn in England has a long and interesting history, it is a Nottingham institution, but what is it called?



1. Paper Lace

2. Longford

3.10 Byard Lane,Nottinghamin 1970

4. A Saxon fort, a medieval Town Hall, and finally a late Victorian railway cutting

5.Nottinghambased Sarah Davenport

6. Samuel Bourne, co-founder of ‘Bourne & Shepherd’

7. The full unexpurgated edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover was published by Penguin Books inBritainin 1960

8. One, Sat Bains Restaurant

9. Su Pollard

10. Screen 22

11.  Fewkes lace factory inMorley Avenue, Mapperley closed its doors in 2011

12. Founded in 1880, making it one of the oldest art societies in the country. 

13.Nottinghamalabaster is the term used to refer to the English sculpture industry, mostly of relatively small religious carvings

14. 1910

15.  Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

16. Atlantic Records

17. Wollaton Hall

18. Late 2008

19.  1843

20.  Richard Parkes Bonington

21.  Sir Frank Bowden

22. Diploma in Creative Photography 1977

23. Roman Polanski,Pompeiiand The Ghost (Ghostwriter)

24. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, So called because this is where the Crusaders reputedly stopped off for refreshment on their way to theHoly Land

Article by Lucy G / 3rd February 2012


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