Monday 23rd January 2012

I decided to change my name by deed poll to Citizen Jane… why because HAVE YOU SEEN MY NAME….. Anyway another weekend has passed me by and it is the start of a new week and for the Chinese it’s the start of a New Year… the year of the Dragon… which if you’ve ever met one of my good friends Lucille Glynnis then you know that it’s always the year of the Dragon for me….  For those who care, Boris Johnson will be meeting up with the Chinese Ambassador to Londonfor a ceremony in the Trafalgar Squareon Sunday 6th February. I went out for a few drinks this evening and it’s obviously “Chinese New year” all year round for some women the way that they had slapped on their make up…. Definitely the Year of the dragon…. Scary.


Tuesday 24th January 2012

I went window shopping around my City centre the other day only to see lots of shop fronts boarded up, independent shops closed down only to be taken over by big corporate businesses such as Tesco’s etc…. How are we supposed to reduce the economic crisis gap????  There is talk that some cities are well placed to start the economic growth where as others have been hit hard by recession. Unemployment has risen in every major city in theUK, dole queues are getting longer….. Now I know we are a nation that likes to queue but this is just ridiculous.


Wednesday 25th January

A friend of mine was telling me how she went out last week met a guy, got up to no good and ended up with carpet burns in places that shouldn’t be allowed…. Not quite the Burns night we all know, filled with haggis, whiskey and song… well hers was filled with a hag… whiskey and a thong…..

Robert Burns wrote the lyrics to “Scots, Wha Hae” which is the unofficial Scottish National Anthem and celebrates the victory of the Scots over the English at theBannockburnin 1314.…. Is it a coincidence that Alex Salmond chose today to talk aboutScotland’s independence?????? Me thinks not.


Thursday 26th January 2012

We all know economically things are tight… Is it all ordained….. Has it been sanctioned by the powers that be…. Well never mind “when Harry met Sally” but when George Osbourne met Christine Lagarde (the head of the International Monetary Fund “IMF”…. The chancellor is considering….. (considering being the operative word) speeding up the Coalitions plan to raise the personal tax allowance £10,000 a year by 2015. This would apparently help families in the squeezed middle and enable them to spend more to get the ball rolling in the economy again. Will we see a definite change? Are we being fobbed of with big words and a very tight budget once again? Or are we confusing George Osbourne with Ozzy…. Who might possibly get more done…. What a frightening thought.


Friday  27th January 2012

People say that one person cannot make a difference, but if you keep counting one then becomes two and two becomes three…etc before you know it, there is enough people to make an educated stand…. We are always being dictated to, “We” as a nation allow this to happen because “we” are subliminally told that “They are above us” Let’s stand and be counted and do what we have been called to do either way we’ll get our just rewards… remember “To whom much is given much is required“.  

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Article by Jenna Tayleah / 27th January 2012


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