I had the privilege to be invited to my second ID_Fest which is hosted by @DerbyQUAD who are based in the city of Derby. I met the Mayor of Derby Councilor, Lisa Higginbottom, and the Director of the event, Adam Buss.  For those who don't know about ID_Fest, it is a film festival which runs from Thursday 9th May till Sunday 12th May and what was the first film that opened the event? Read on and discover my thoughts on this chilling subject... 
Iceman, is the story of notorious Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) a Mafia contract killer from the 1960s right through until the mid 1980s. When Kuklinski was ultimately arrested, and convicted, he was given two life sentences but is alleged to have killed up to a 100, Kuklinski puts the figure at nearer to 250.
The film deals with the family man behind the Psychopath.  So the film Iceman is about a stone cold Mob hitman, called Kuklinski, who freezes his victims bodies so that if they are discovered, the authorities cannot determine their respective time of death hence the name Iceman.
During the height of is "career" Kuklinski is playing happy families to his wife Debra (Winona Ryder) and two beautiful daughters. There's a scene when Kuklinski goes to visit his brother Joey (Stephen Dorff), who wants forgiveness for killing a child, which Richy, (the nickname his wife gives him) feels is unforgivable.  His personal rule is; you don't kill women or children (which he sticks to regardless of the personal cost to himself).
Richy, gets his first opportunity to kill and is hired exclusively by Mob boss Ray Demeo (Ray Liotta) and he doesn't just do his job, he does it with relish! Again, do remember that this film is more about Richy, the family man; however this film does show him at his most venomous and sadistic worst.  The question I want to ask is; if we, the audience find this entertaining, doesn't this show that we have a propensity to do the same?
Think about it.  The armed forces recruits from the general population and train that said individual into a machine that works in a unit.  If they discover a person or the person shows a desire, or has in their opinion, the ability to go beyond societies norms, then they are either put into the Special Forces (SBS/SAS/SEALs/etc) or the infantry.
Also remember that when war is declared, then ordinary people are recruited without the aforementioned criteria brought into play. Now this is what I'm talking about. During wartime all are recruited from the general public and the Killer Instinct is brought out of the recruit, utilized and shaped/molded into a Soldier.
Iceman, is a film that would appeal to all who have this mentality whether it is admitted or not. The truth of the matter in my opinion is this; to be a soldier which, if my thesis above is correct means everyone has latent psychopathic tendencies.  I found this film amazing and insightful even confirming my long held views on what makes up a psychopath.
Remember, all multiple killers are psychopaths however not all psychopaths are killers.  Insightful, thought provoking and truly memorable performances. Ask @DerbyQUAD to bring it back. P.s. if you want more info on Richard "Richy" Kuklinski and his sessions with the Doc while in prison then read the review below of the documentary on the character.  ‘The Iceman’ Review – Infamous Mafia Hitman Struggles for Work-Life Balance

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Article by @gmanzen / 13th May 2013


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