Monday 6th May 2013 - UKIP on your own time

At work we voted for a new Stationary Cupboard Manager (SCM). Now this might sound like a nothingness job to you, but with this role comes great responsibility. You get to say who can and can’t have a pen (they’re like gold dust), and you’d be surprised who double dips with the Tippex!  
Everyone was fed up with the last power hungry SCM who would put a mark on the outer plastic casing of your Bic pen to see how much ink you had used.   When he heard we wanted to oust him, rather than relinquish his job, he tried to barricade himself into the stationary cupboard whilst wielding a machete, but he was taken down by a couple of strapping and very disgruntled pen pushers...  I guess the pen truly is mightier than the sword…  
Nigel Farage , the leader of UK’s Independence Party (UKIP), has got the Coalition by the short and curlies by winning a quarter of the votes in the council election.  MPs that have been sat down for some time have now been unseated.  David Cameron has been asked to technically go back to the drawing board and toughen the Tories stance on Europe, immigration and welfare, which must have been a massive wake up call.  I guess this is what happens when you become too complacent.
Labour also isn’t off the hook. They still have a lot to do if they want to win a governing majority in 2015; victory is not quite in their grasp.  UKIP seems to have unsettled the masses.  Mr Farage has said he is open to form an electoral pact between UKIP and the Conservatives but they’d have to get rid of David Cameron first… (Don’t get your hopes up folks.)  Is this fighting talk…?
Have voters lost their faith in who they vote for? Do they actually know what or who they are voting for? Are politicians all now lumped under the same umbrella? No matter who gets in, nothing ever changes. Well, maybe for the worst. Yet every year we still insist on voting these same people in because we are told to.
Is UKIP another party run by money people who are in it because they can be? Another old boy network comparing their school boy ties with a lot of time on their hands and with more red tape to poli‘tic’ us off… 

Tuesday 7th May 2013 - For the love of money

I decided to treat myself to a new pair of under pants…  Well it had been five years since my last pair.  I strolled in the lingerie department with confidence, even though my downstairs was lacking, but unfortunately for me it wasn’t the only thing that was lacking… As I went to pay for my items, the card machine made a strange noise that sounded like “I wouldn’t bother if I were you.”  How embarrassing…  Especially when I had already asked the sales assistant to cut the tags off because I was going to wear them home…  Oh the shame that lack of funds can bring… 
Due to the stunted wage growth, extortionate living costs and all of the cuts we are having to cut back in how we save our money, there just never seems to be anything spare at the end of the month anymore to put something down for a rainy day (and believe me when I say it’s like a monsoon out there!).
Saving rates have dropped due to the government scheme called Funding for Lending.  This is a scheme where lenders can access cheap finance. However, because of how it has been set up, it doesn’t need to attract savers deposits, hence less and less people are saving any money.
Have the days of disposable income gone? Or are people holding off for when the financial Tsunami hits?  Is the only way for us to survive this by taking the chance and to spend, spend, spend so that capital is constantly being ploughed back into the system or are we choosing to believe the hype?
When you look around the generic city shopping centres, the main bags you now see people carrying are Primark and The Pound Shop. Surely this sums everything up in terms of our ‘new’ financial status? 
The big question is, now that the majority of us are in the same boat, how many of us are happy to push others overboard or help with the rowing? It’s never good to be up a certain creek without a paddle.  The Ojay’s got it right with this track.  See link below. 

Wednesday 8th May 2013 - Death by 800 million cuts…

My mum always said that if she couldn’t look after herself in her old age then she was relying on us (her kids) to take care of her because she doesn‘t want to end up in a budget run facility, with wipe down seats and a whiff of the fragrance, called eau de urine, in the air.  Is it wrong of us to pull straws to see who wins the consolation prize…?  She can never find out how it went down.
We all know how ridiculous the cuts business is getting, yet for the elderly and the disabled there is another blow as they face more cuts due to the £800m pressure put on social care budgets next year.
This could lead to the elderly and infirm suffering, due to lack of care and support, as well as outside catering services, such as meals on wheels.  I always feel like fighting the cause of the elderly. They are always the backbone of a country, the ones who paved the way and are now left high and dry without any thought whatsoever.
After the Queen’s speech today the ball might be well and truly left in the court of the Coalition government to step up the help for carers and revamp the care system.  In light of the problems the NHS has with their budget, they have transferred money over to councils to aide their social care budgets.
We cannot just dismiss our elderly. Without them we wouldn’t be here.  The government needs to revise their budget cut plans.  Times are traumatic enough as it is without our elders having to worry about where their next round of support is going to come from.
George Osborne must be feeling the pinch as a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be arriving in Britain to do its annual check on our economy.  Mr Osborne must be constantly on the toilet because our economy does not look good at the moment.  Last month the IMF called for greater flexibility because our economy is dying a death.
Everything seems to be measured by the austerity stick, but I guess if he continues with his hare brained planes, Mr Osborne might just be beaten with it.

Thursday 9th May 2013 - Clash of the Tartans

Growing up I always loved football. I tried to play it a few times but “apparently” I just offended the other players. I don’t know why because in my head I played like Maradona but by popular consensus I was told it was more like Madonna…  The cruelty.
The big news this week is nothing to do with poverty around the world or warring nations, but Sir Alex Ferguson, who has been the Manchester United manager for the past 27 years, is hanging up his boots.  He is stepping down, at the age of 71 years of age, from a job where he has accomplished 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, two Champions League wins, four League Cups and a Cup Winners Cup, as well as a few other bits of shiny metal.  But he is giving it all up so that he can put his feet up on the director’s board table.
This man’s boots are going to be very big to fill and the person in question to fill them is none other than another Scot, Everton Manager David Moyes.  Strangely, this guy hasn’t won any trophies, yet in 2010 Sir Alex Ferguson was reported to have endorsed him as his successor when Sir Alex eventually retired.  I guess we all didn’t get that memo.  
So why choose this guy? Mourinho was a safe bet, yet it seems he only has eyes for Chelsea.  David Moyes turned Everton around, but is he good enough to play with the big boys?  Share prices onWall Street plummeted after news broke of Fergies departure from Old Trafford.   
Sir Alex has left a massive legacy. Before Fergie joined Man U, they hadn’t won a title win for 26 years. He turned the failing club into a growing franchise. You can go to the deepest, darkest corners of the world and there will be someone sporting a Manchester United football shirt.  Not many clubs can testify to that.  
The question is…  How will the club fair now that he has taken his final bows? Will this affect team morale? Will he still have huge input in the running of the club? But I guess the biggest question is… What will David Moyes bring to the Premiership table, and does “David Moyes red and white army” still have the same ring to it?

Friday 10th May 2013 - Life is what you make it

If you allowed it to, the daily monotony of life could drag you down, but we can’t allow that to happen.  Whatever happened to thinking happy thoughts? It always works for me.  Remember life is what you make it…

I am just one person’s opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane  

Article by Citizen Jane / 10th May 2013


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