Google, like us, think great art deserves great exposure. So they have teamed up with Saatchi Gallery,Londonto offer student photographers around the globe a chance to showcase their work on the worldwide stage.

The Big Picture

They have challenged entrants to come up with photographs that will make us laugh, cry, listen, hop on a plane, start a conversation, or start a revolution.  If you are a student in higher education aged 18 years or older then this contest is for you. Submit up to eight of your best shots into one of the ten categories by January 31, 2012.

The categories are as follows:

Me #megpp

Images that best capture you — moments with friends and family, dancing with your dog, or your favorite pair of beat-up sneakers.

Food #foodgpp

Shots that tantalize — from mouthwatering ingredients to dishes to die for.

Travel #travelgpp

Take us there with photos of your travels that give us a sense of place and culture.

Fashion #fashiongpp

Here’s your chance to stroll the catwalk and reveal your fashion sense.

Action #actiongpp

Action takes many forms—whether it’s the raw speed of a racetrack or the gentle ripple of a waterbug on a still pond.

Street #streetgpp

Capture the urban vibe with big city boulevards, tree-lined avenues, or the street where you live.

Sport #sportgpp

Bring your A game. Show us the passion, excitement, and athleticism of sport.

Night #nightgpp

Keep us in the dark or light up the night. Any natural night view is eligible.

Sound/Silence #soundsilencegpp

What does sound look like? Can you show us in a photo?

Point of view #pointofviewgpp

Document what is happening now - from protests to celebrations.

This is a great opportunity, find out more here, and let us know how you get on!

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Article by Lucy G / 23rd January 2012


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Google + Saatchi = Great Opportunity