Monday 29th April 2013 - The snoop dogs

A friend of mine who doesn’t have a trusting relationship with her kids told me that she found her 13 year old daughters diary and that she’d decided to read it, she tried to decipher her daughters code and became quite distressed when she read that on Mondays and Fridays her daughter was having sex with some guy called Ed.  
She decided to wait until Monday so that she could go up to the school and confront her daughter as well as meet this Ed.  Needles to say her daughter was mortified, but not as much as my friend after she’d barged in on a classroom of startled teenagers being taught sex education.  Egg on your face is never a good look.
The Home Secretary, Theresa May has locked horns with Nick Clegg regarding the ‘snoopers charter’ which is a system that would give government agencies the opportunity and power to monitor everyone’s internet use.   Mr. Clegg has apparently vetoed the idea of such an invasive project stating that it was “unworkable, disproportionate and an invasion of peoples privacy”, Ms May has argued that the Orwellian scheme would be able to monitor and thwart the plans of terrorists and criminals.
Are we to believe that they aren’t already?  Come on, I’ve watched the film “Enemy of the State”, and that’s an old movie, these people have been monitoring us for years.  The way the social media world is going, they don’t have to extract information from us with menaces and in a mocking accent tell us that they have ‘ways of making us talk’.  We already boringly give them the information that they might need.
Whitehall has already got a system that monitors our phones for ‘buzz words’.  Are they the big brother that we never ever wanted? Just because Nick Clegg tells us that he is opposed to it; no disrespect, but what power does he have? It’s the Elite that make all of the decisions, their puppets are in place just to distract us from what they are really up to. 
They want to monitor every site we’ve ever been on.  We can never truly erase our cyber paths so technically (no pun intended), by a mere click of a button, our lives are truly in their hands.  Remember, walls have ears.  Pass it on…

Tuesday 30th April 2013 - Drugs profiteering…  It’ll be the death of us

My boss suffers from terrible migraines which he takes some very strong and expensive medication for.  I know it sounds cruel but we live for his headaches especially when the out come is him going home for the day, we tend to talk louder around the office and make as much noise a we possibly can just to hurry the going home process along.  
When he’s in pain, the way he takes his tablets is like the slogan for Pringles; “Once you pop you just can’t stop”, and the amount he spends on his pills, Pablo Escobar would have been rubbing his hands together in glee.
So what about the legal pushers that are profiting from the sale of drugs?  Cancer physicians are up in arms regarding pharmaceutical companies that are gaining from the sales of cancer drugs which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Not only does the patient have to suffer with their health issues, but they are now suffering with their wealth issues too, especially now that the price per patient, per year, for the effective cancer treatment has increased threefold and now averages out at about £65,000.
This is proving to be very costly, and because of this the UK might not be approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) causing our already overworked doctors to have to fill in a 14 page application form to the Cancer Drugs Fund in order for British cancer patients to be able to benefit from the necessary medication.  Hence through the big people drugs profiteering as per usual the little people suffer.
Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug pushers going, it amuses me how the government clamps down on illegal drug vendors in the aide of trying to clean up the streets, yet these big companies are profiting from our ever expanding medicine cabinets full of synthetic/artificial junk that we have no idea what is in them.  The difference being, one makes governments a lot of money and the other one doesn’t.  Well not all of the time anyway.  But I guess there are always exceptions to every rule eh.  Wherever there are drugs, there will always be money irrespective of who the peddler is. 

Wednesday 1st May 2013 - Police and Thieves…

A friend and I were having a day of being ‘ladies who lunch’.  We were strolling down the high street when a guy came running out of a shop towards us carrying what appeared to be stolen goods and money with a police officer on a push bike pedalling after him.  The guy then jumped in a car and drove off, with the police officer on the bike still desperately trying to cycle after him, to no avail - Physics folks - A car will always out run a push bike.
Police officers in the UK are hindered by their so called primitive technology while criminals are upping their game by using modern technology in order to commit their crimes.  How is this possible? The majority of us have watched a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) programme or two I’m sure; am I being naive and not realising that it really is that just a made up show?
The government statistics show that crime in the UK is down from recent years, yet how can this be possible if the toys that the boys and girls in blue have to play with are inferior to the bad boys and girls.  Therefore, there cannot be any logic in the government statistics.  Could it be that they are just telling us what they think we want to hear?
Tom Winsor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary has stated that there are 2,000 different information systems across England and Wales but without equipment or systems being updated then this will cause a growing concern for police officers who are trying to do their jobs efficiently.  If these guys are taking knives to gun fights then they stand no chance.
How can police technology be so antiquated, yet governments are selling Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), that our taxes are paying for around the world.  I guess it’s a simple case of priorities eh.
Gone are the days when the UK Bobby could just bend his knees whilst saying ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello and simply by looking at us instill fear.  I guess the long arm of the law is well and truly stretched.

Thursday 2nd May 2013 - There’s a price to pay for education

I remember when I was growing up; I always wanted to go to private school because I felt that their privileges should ultimately be mine.  When I put the idea forward to my parents their laughter still rings in my ears.  Parental support, don’t you just love it?
The Treasury is looking to find £11.5bn of cuts so the schools budget might be under threat, even though Mr. Cameron said he would protect the funding.  Mr. Gove, the Education Secretary whose total school budget is £50bn is begging Mr. Cameron to confirm that that the funding for 2015-2016 will be guaranteed.  
It seems to me that education is going full circle, when only the rich and the privileged benefited from it.  Children in state schools are missing out on projects due to the lack of cash; surely our children’s education is important? School spending on science equipment in state primary schools cost a mere four pence, whereas in independent primary schools costs as much as £83.12p.  Where is the love?
As much as we’re told that the system is fair, folks don’t believe that for one moment, these people are messing with our kid’s futures.  Should we accept that education is still in the dark ages and goes on class distinction? Should our children suffer because of where they live or depending on our pay packets?
These people are the ones that print the money, yet whenever it comes to cuts, the rich just seem to get richer and the poor haven’t got a pot to do a gypsies kiss in.
How can our children reap the fun side of education when we are threatened with educational cuts?  We are led to believe that school years are the best of our lives.  I have to admit I would hate to be of school age now.  Not meaning to sound negative but the way these people are running the show, what prospects do our children have…
I guess it’s a case of we’ll teach you how to do as we say because you can’t afford to do as we do…   

Friday 3rd May 2013 - Never lose sight of your ambition

Having ambition and dreams is always a good thing, no matter what life’s negativity throws at you, always hold on to your dreams and never lose sight of your ambition.  Surround yourselves with positive people.  The plus always has more to offer than the minus.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane  

Article by Citizen Jane / 8th May 2013


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