Do you love to shop till you drop? Well look no further, with the vintage fair you’ll be in your element as there’s a stall almost everywhere you look. With antiques ranging from clothing to home wares, you’ll be spoilt for choice as nostalgia sets in. Almost as though transported to a time of the past, you’ll hear those ‘swinging’ sounds whilst sipping tea from a china cup and indulging in something sweet, ‘a slice of Victoria sponge or a scone anyone?’ If you’re anything like me it won’t be a question of one or the other, both will do just fine but if you want even one, make sure your front of the line as these sweet treats sure go quick. 
I had heard a lot about the Vintage Fair and must say congratulations are in order for whoever done the marketing as they have done a terrific job. It wasn’t too nice of a day so I thought hey why not go and see what all the fuss is about and I’m glad I did. On entering I was met by a lady wearing polka dot true vintage attire and for the mere price of £1 was transported to the past and let loose to explore. Over 50 stalls and so much to see, but having a sweet tooth my eyes were immediately fixated upon the spread of tea, cakes, scones that would make any true Englishman grin with delight, a truly English pastime being relived. I really loved this aspect and was going to indulge my sweet tooth after I had done my exploring. As I walked around I saw some exquisite antiques, from handbags, clothes, china to cutlery, there was not a single stall that did not have at least something I would purchase, whether for myself or a friend, or family member. Believe me, if my budget could stretch further, there would have been some lovely pieces I would have taken home with me but unfortunately my budget only stretches so far, especially as a student. However, I was determined I would not leave empty handed and did buy myself a lovely pair of studs for the small price of £2 and which I will be showing off whenever possible. I had a very pleasant day at the fair and this was not only due to the range of antiques but also the atmosphere. I met some lovely people of all ages who came together as one to indulge in their admiration for everything vintage and hopefully catch a bargain or two.  People were left, free to explore as much as they desired without constant pestering from the stall holders and with the vintage inspired bands and acts creating a mellow atmosphere, everyone was at peace as they walked around. As I was ready to leave, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a stall I hadn’t previously seen, why not fully embrace the past by looking the part and getting yourself styled at the Vintage Beauty Salon and if I had more time on my hands I would have got myself styled but this will have to wait until the next fair when hopefully I will also be able to get a slice of the cake, literally! 
If you missed out on this fair then don’t despair as there is another on Sunday 28th July, this time focusing on embracing vintage at your wedding but if like me you’re too young to consider that, then still why not go along? It makes a pleasant day out, especially when the weather isn’t that great as it’s once again in the glorious Albert Hall which can be found just off Derby Road, next to Nottingham Playhouse. If you want further information the look on their Facebook page or website which gives you the latest news about up and coming events.

Article by Amber Benson / 1st May 2013


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The Vintage Fair Comes to Nottingham