When I returned from Dubai the very next day I went to my favourite cinema in the city of Derby called @DerbyQUAD and took my place to watch a film that I had heard so much about.
The film is called Side Effects and stars on screen couple Emily (Rooney Mara the lead in the remake of the Dragon Tattoo film) and Martin Taylor (Channing Taylor/The Fighter).
We meet Channing who is newly released from prison for the white collar crime of Insider Trading.
Emily has been suffering from depression having had her world turned upside down since her hubby's incarceration and has had to make obvious adjustments to her, until then, standard of living (aka now living on brukdown Street!)
With the release of her husband you would imagine that Emily's depression would subside, however, it increases.
Emily, on leaving an underground car park attempts to drive her car into a wall, then wakes up in a hospital, where she is asked many questions by Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law) who realises that Emily needs help.  He prescribes a drug, which, if they had done their due diligence, they would have realised that it had unpleasant Side Effects...
As time goes on Dr. Banks decides to consult Emily's previous Dr, named Victoria Shebert (Catherine Zeta Jones), who is recently divorced (mentioned, because it does play a part in the plot).
Now for me to go on and unravel the plot will ultimately spoil your viewing pleasure, however, I seriously recommend you watch this if you’re a person who puts a lot of faith in chemical medication.
A few stats for you.
Listening to a Radio 5 breakfast show last year, I remember hearing a person come on, stating that he was informed by a head of a huge pharmaceutical company that 90% of their product worked on 70% of the users.
Also for a new drug to gain FDA approval in the USA it only needs to be effective on 5% of those tested.
Here's another.
All the people who have randomly killed on mass with guns have been on psychotic drugs.
Watch this quality film by Director Steven Soderberg, who has done too many quality films to list, apparently this is his last.  If this is the case then this is a very fitting finale for him.
Side Effects has more twists than a snake entering a snake twisting contest.
It is no longer being shown at the @DerbyQUAD however it will soon be available on DVD.
Go see, observe, learn and next time you pop a pill get your microscope out and read the potential Side Effects that may appear to be written in a foreign language. ....

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Article by @gmanzen / 29th April 2013


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REVIEW: Side Effects