Monday 22nd April 2013 - Starve children, feed wars…

Now that I’ve recovered from taking part in the London marathon all that running up and down has knackered me out.  When I said taking part, I meant watching it on TV, it tired me out having to get up off my settee for drinks and refreshments.
As I’m brushing the last of the crisps and biscuit crumbs of my clothes, I now feel guilty for eating so much crap, but more so for wasting half of it, especially when the number of children living in poverty is apparently going to rise to more than three million by the year 2020.  We profess to live in an affluent western world (well the elite do anyway), yet countries are in dire straits which in turn causes those that live in poor homes and neighbourhoods to suffer.
With all of the money being pumped around the globe technically there shouldn’t be any such thing as poverty.  Then greed shows its ugly face which ultimately makes poverty make perfect sense.  Unfortunately this falls at our children’s bare and dirty feet.
Governments signed the Child Poverty Act yet the targets to conquer poverty will not be met by 2020 which is a mere seven years away.  Has the coalition helped or hindered this situation? What are they going to do about it? Children are suffering in poverty yet there is always money to go to war. 
Benefits have been capped which will in turn, cause 200,000 children to walk along that bread line, or should I say the no bread line.  Everyone is finding it tough at the moment, what with one cut or another as the ‘divide and conquer’ rule settles in and puts its feet up, I know I keep banging on about it, but when we had communities even those who had nothing had something.
Poverty shouldn’t be happening today, it is something that has been inflicted onto people through circumstances.  There is enough money out there for everyone to live comfortably, they just choose for us not too. They say money makes the world go round, but I guess the momentum must be from all of those people chasing after the dollar.

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 - Gone but not forgotten

I always hated any form of bullying when I was at school. I despised the fact that groups of people could hate so severely, create mayhem in peoples lives and then get away with it. To the point where my head teacher appointed me head of the anti bullying program.  
There were quite a few teachers that raised a few eyebrows at this decision due to my behaviour towards them in the classroom; but that my friends, was just plain, simple anarchy.  
It has been twenty years since Stephen Lawrence was murdered.  A young man cut down in his prime by a group of bullies who decided that his face just didn’t fit.  We profess to live in a modern world, but with antiquated ideals.  The western world, oh the good life… 
It took 19 years for the judiciary system to bring anyone to justice and there are still members of the gang at large.  The Police chief has made a vow to capture the others that were involved in this heinous crime as he attended the 20 year anniversary memorial service for Stephen.
As a nation have we progressed or regressed when it comes to racism? What answers does the government and police have to combat it? How do they plan to monitor ignorance? Or did they invent an ignorance detector while I was sleeping? Scotland Yard has been accused of institutional racism, if this is true then I guess they’ll have to clean house first eh.
David Cameron has stated that “since Stephen’s death there has been a change in policing”.  What he didn’t say was whether it had changed for the best or for the worst.  
It took the police no time at all to find out who killed JFK, or who shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, the Boston Bombers were caught days later, Osama Bin Laden was named as the culprit for 9/11 hours after the attacks on the World Trade Centre, yet 20 years have gone by and some of Stephen Lawrence’s murderers are yet to be apprehended.  Now that’s what I call policing 2013...

Wednesday 24th April 2013 - Home is where the economy is

My sister lives opposite a place where they are building new homes, she has lived in her house for 8 years and when she moved in construction had just started on the site but eight years on and the build is still incomplete.  In fact Beirut looks more aesthetically pleasing.
George Osborne (The Chancellor of the Exchequer) is under pressure by all parties to boost house building which they feel will help with the economy.  They think it will provide jobs for our jobless society, and it will help with our housing problem.  
In order for this to happen Mr. Osborne will have to use his June spending review in order to build the recommended 100,000 council and housing association homes, because apparently this will help the home buyers that he spoke of in the budget. 
But what of all the empty properties around the city that already lay dormant, whilst our country still battles with homelessness.  What about all of the people who have lost their property due to budget cuts and the higher costs of living in the UK.  
Yes, the building of more properties will ensure jobs but people still need to find the money to purchase these homes, the question is, where will these homes be built? How much of our green land will be hacked into to build these Lego land homes? Do our modern day architects of these plastic properties need to look back at how people used to build things? 
Haven’t we tried the rebuild to boost the economy before? Which has resulted in cities drowning in unsold and half built properties.  The majority of the nation is in debt, it is now rare to meet someone who is totally in the black.  
Renting properties is on the increase as buying now for most is out of the question, what great scheme and plan has the government got up their sleeves to get us out of this one? Or will they huff and puff and blow our houses down along with the nation’s confidence.  Well the way things are going my next house will be called Wendy…

Thursday 25th April 2013 - The lethal injection

I remember when my friend took her daughter for her jabs when she was little, before we even got into the doctors surgery she screamed and cried until she was hoarse, looking back, I wonder now if she knew something that we didn’t.
There is a big call out for children who have missed their MMR vaccinations due to the sudden outbreak of measles that has hit 900 children in Swansea, so Public Health England is asking parents who have kids under the age of five to get them vaccinated with MMR jab.
But do we actually know what is being pumped into our children, especially after the scare at the beginning of the ‘noughties’ when the MMR was associated with Autism, causing parents to lose faith in such a medical procedure.  How can we be sure that these injections are helping rather than harming our little ones?
GP’s will be checking their records to see which children have missed out on their immunisations, but why? What is in it for them? We all know that where there are drugs there is money.  Are they really trying to show us that they want to save the babies and that they actually care?
I’m always dubious about outbreaks of any disease, bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease etc… I’ve always wanted to know who holds the vials to these diseases.  Are we supposed to be scared, so that we will run, on mass, with our arms exposed waiting for them to inoculate us with their medical weapons of mass destruction, or is my mind being overactive again?  Please don’t answer that.
Should it be our right to know what is being injected into our children, society has far to many labels for our children, ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia to name but a few, these modern complications in our children’s lives have increased which leaves me to wonder.  Why? 
It would be interesting to find out how much each injection per child costs and who benefits? The only thing we get out of it is a little prick.  How very disappointing. 

Friday 26th April 2013 - Pay it forward

A friend said to me this week, that all she wants to do is help others, imagine if we all felt this way, what a wonderful world we would be living in.  I guess the only reason for us not to be, is ourselves.  Share the wealth, and I don’t just mean financially.  Pay it forward.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane  

Article by Citizen Jane / 26th April 2013


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