Japanese Yen ¥100 = 80p
I was set the challenge of being "Miss Frugal", in the Land of the Rising Sun - JAPAN.  Its one of my most favoured destinations in the world, mainly as it’s a completely indulgent head to toe pamper trip for me, where a Spa Day costs just ¥1000 (£6.59).  Yes, I know it's higher than the challenge price but its sheer value with jacuzzi, steam rooms, Japanese flower sprinkled hot tubs, salt tubs, plunge pools, hot stone beds, sauna and lunch - you know that’s a bargain!  That said, all my pamper products I bought for the Spa, were well within budget.  Indulge me whilst I digress a little....
I'm a lady who loves a bargain; I love to barter and to get stuck right in.  (Un) fortunately, the face of Japanese culture is dignity and respect.  So although it is perceived as incredibly rude and ill-mannered to barter, the Japanese have a whole market for bargains, in the guise of DAISO, aka ¥100 shop.
DAISO stocks absolutely everything for the home, garden, health & beauty products, gifts, toys, stationery, Japanese memorabilia, food stuffs, small clothing items, craft items etc, you name it its there.  Bare in mind however, that the Japanese are very much into the latest mod cons and gadgets, it's a place where high tech and quality is the 'standard'.
So here's just a few of the things that I bought for ¥100 (67p) that I absolutely needed!
- Digital Tyre pump (on arrival at the airport, I noticed I had a flat tyre!)
- Kitchen Tap water filters
- Micro USB lead
- Glasses mini-screwdriver repair kit
- White ceramic teapot
- Green Tea
- Body massage roller
- Eye lashes (2 packs)
- Chunk knit snood 
And for my pamper Spa Day:
- Collagen Face Masks (5 packs)
- Aloe Gel Eye pack (5 packs)
- Foot pamper kit (mini massage roller, pumice stone & toe separator)
- Deep Conditioning Hair Masque
- Body Sugar Scrub
- And a cheeky, 200ml bottle of Italian red!
Dawne B Stewart 
Twitter : @dawneb007

Article by Dawne B / 14th April 2013


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