The title of the film The Place Beyond the Pines meant nothing to me before I saw the film, however having seen it @DerbyQUAD on its opening day I will not forget the name.
The director of The Place Beyond the Pines is Derek Cianfrance who had made the highly acclaimed film called Blue Valentine which also starred Ryan Gosling (do watch this if you haven't seen it already).
The Place Beyond the Pines tells the story of a young stunt motorbike rider called Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling) who revisits a town and meets an old flame called Romina (Eva Mendes).
They meet up, and then part company again fairly quickly, however, Luke visits her home when she's not in only for him to be greeted by her mum holding a baby.  He asks who does the little fella belong to? Mum points at Luke.
Luke then visits Romina at her workplace and confronts her about his very recent discovery. Romina explains that he was a drifter that had drifted out of her life a year previously so she had no means of contacting him. 
Also Romina has also started dating an African American called ‘Kofi’ (Mahershala Ali) who is clearly a good influence on her and is committed to being a dad to baby Jason Glanton.
There's a scene where we see Romina, baby J and Kofi all in a huge church where the Bambino is being dedicated.  At the back of the church we see Luke in tears clearly affected by the fact that he isn't invited to or involved in the ceremony, which possibly reminded him as to why he turned out the way he did, having his own daddy issues and all.
Luke decides to leave the travelling fair, get a job, and become a regular Joe, however, little money ain't enough for the uneducated, so he decides to do what ‘The Clash’ sang about and become a ‘Bank robber’.
NB:  Two interesting facts about this film are;
1: The robbery scene from him riding on his bike, getting to the bank, robbing it then escaping into the back of a van are all done in one take.
2: The guy who taught him to ride on set was the same stuntman you saw on the Bat bike in The Batman films (just saying).
While Luke is embarking on his new and highly lucrative career his path crosses a rookie, but ambitious cop called Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper), and this is where the film uses the two characters to metaphorically pass an invisible baton from one to the other....
Other characters to look out for are Al Cross (Harris Yulin), the father of Avery, AJ (Emory Cohen), the son of Avery and the very chilling and menacing Deluch (Ray Liotta).
All the characters play stronger roles as the film develops. 
To conclude, The Place Beyond the Pines starts off with Luke playing a modern version of the James Dean classic Rebel without a Cause then moves into a type of biblical Cain and Abel.
Not sure what I'm talking about then go and see it for yourself at a cinema near you check press or @DerbyQUAD for details... 

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Article by @gmanzen / 12th April 2013


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REVIEW: The Place Beyond the Pines