Monday 15th April 2013 - Run for your lives

Whenever I’ve gone out on my little jogging sprees, I’ve worn tight lycra that not only holds me in, but also holds the majority of me out.  Wearing these garments has resulted in irreparable damage. When did sports that are supposed to be good for us cause so many problems?
Americans today experienced when ‘good sport goes bad’ at the Boston Marathon, which is an annual prestigious sporting event, when two bombs exploded close to the finishing line.  The youngest person to die was an eight year old boy, who with his sister and mother went to watch his father run the race.  His mother is in a critical condition in hospital, and his sister lost a leg.  This is the World we are living in, where some people have zero regard for other human beings.  However, what was beautiful to see was how the majority of the people there and who too was affected helped others in this traumatic situation.
Who thinks these things up, who wakes up one morning and decides to make a bomb using nails and ball bearings to use against innocent people?  Everyone knows that marathons and fun runs (fun being the operative word) are a family day out.  It would be interesting to find out the cause of this mindless, and to me, needless act.  Does the American government know something we don’t?
Generally there are 27,000 runners from 96 countries that take part in the annual Boston marathon with usually at least over half a million spectators that line the route to the finishing line, which we all know is the place where friends and families happily and with encouragement urge loved ones on their final stretch.  This event has now been forever tarnished as well as others like it around the world.  
The London Marathon takes place on the 21st April and the officials are now taking steps to secure this mammoth event but how do you ease the minds of the participants and the spectators, what happened in Boston will always be at the forefront of peoples minds, the usual happy, relaxed atmosphere will be tense with apprehension.  Sometimes mans wickedness shows no bounds.
Let’s face it the majority of us already don’t need an excuse not to go out for a run…

Tuesday 16th April 2013 - Cypriot Gold bum rush

Whenever I go into my town centre there are always people asking customers to turn their gold into cash, my boyfriend said he was sick and tired of me asking him to turn his cash into gold.  Or if there was no gold to buy then the cash would do nicely thank you.
Cyprus is in a bit of a mess at the moment, their economy has gone to pot, and they have been told that to receive international bailout and avoid bankruptcy, the country has to sell their gold.  The country was first told that in the coming years they would need 17.5bn Euros which were the original terms of the bailout but now they have been hit with a massive 23bn Euros get out clause.
We are being asked to give our gold away as if it is meaningless, yet those that are in the know are conserving it for themselves.  Yet we continue to give it away.
It has been put to Nicosia to raise extra money by selling 400m Euros in excess buildings from its gold reserves. Pocket change right?
The Euro Zone finance ministers (of course) have given the go ahead for this decision although other European states are worried that this might destabilise the gold market which could potentially cause problems for other Southern European states.
Is this another case of the invasion of the economic hit men?  Countries that once owed very little now owe a lot more.  How is this possible?  $light of hand is a very expensive and potent game played by the elite and the worlds little people have to pay the price.  Do we ever question who these countries owe the money to.  


Hold on to your precious metal folks, there’s a reason why they want us to give it up.  Gold is a great commodity to keep, even Spandau Ballet thought so.

Wednesday 17th 2013 - No money in the coffers but £10m for a coffin

When my nephew was little he had a goldfish which subsequently died, he was very upset; he decorated a shoe box and lined it with tissue paper ready for the great burial in the back garden the next day.  We buried the empty shoe box due to my sister who could no longer stand the dead fish smell and had flushed the pet down the toilet unceremoniously.  My poor nephew was none the wiser. I guess he’ll know now though.
Many people were upset by how much of the public money was spent on Margaret Thatcher’s funeral which took place today, especially in this austere time, money is tight all round and everyone is suffering from government cuts yet £10m was spent to bury the first and so far only female Prime Minister (PM).  Needless to say this has caused many a disgruntled tax payer.
This has been the most lavish PM funeral since Winston Churchill.  She was buried with military honours though politically it has not been classed as a state funeral but due to the cost and processions most people are seeing it as one. The anger of the people has reverberated around the country.  People are trying to find justification in the £10m funeral cost especially when there is the threat of bedroom tax, benefit cuts and the audacity of pay freeze hanging over people’s heads.
Due to what happened in Boston on Monday, Scotland Yard announced that security has been stepped up by the use of 4,000 officers for the former MP’s send off.  But the people aren’t concerned about such things, the only thing that the lost communities are bothered about is the use of the tax payer’s money, a 37,000 signature strong petition was sent to Downing Street in protest of the funeral cost.  
Do people have the right to demand an explanation? Are we being told the truth regarding our country’s economic state? When we hear about such extravagancies do we feel like they are rubbing our faces in it especially when communities are hanging on by a thread?
Funerals…  They’ll be the death of me…

Thursday 18th April 2013 - Cost of living means living with the cost

You know it’s a sign of financially bad times when you are ferreting down the back of your settee to try and find money to buy milk and bread.  You’ll be amazed at what you can find in the deepest depths of the sofa, I even found an ex boyfriend.  Obviously I threw him back in; well, some things should be left unfound.
We all know that The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne has made decisions regarding our lives and lifestyles and it all starts when he raises his red case.  This is usually the time when majority of the country crudely sits with our butt cheeks clenched in anticipation for the shafting we are going to get. 
It is evident that the cost of living is increasing more than the contents of our wage packets which is never a good sign.  
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has downgraded the UK’s 2013 growth forecast and has asked George Osborne to go steady on the austerity programme, reversing their support for the UK.  George Osborne has stated that when he was the Shadow Chancellor, Maggie Thatcher told him not to spend what the country doesn’t have.  I guess this was advice that went unheeded.  
Our Country is in a financial mess and I remember when people could get a mortgage that was five times their wages then it changed to three times and now, with the freeze on peoples wages along side everything else it takes a lot for people to get a mortgage these days, debt is now the new black.  What went wrong? How can things have changed so dramatically?
The only people whose wages seem to be rising are the big boys and girls, the elite who are getting paid by us whilst we suffer the consequences.  I bet they don’t have to delve at the back of their settee’s for loose change, not when they’re too busy shaking us down for ours eh…

Friday 19th April 2013 - A change has got to come

We are constantly hearing or talking about how times are tough, yet we continue to close our front doors on the world.  Have we become a selfish nation, every man/woman for themselves?  It’s never too late to make a change for a change has got to come.  Be the change you want to see.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane  

Article by Citizen Jane / 19th April 2013


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