I sat in my seat @DerbyQUAD just before “Trance” was about to start and quickly tucked into my Cheese and Onion flavour crisps as an elderly couple decided to say in a loud voice "so annoying!" which I believe was in reference to the crunching of the crisps I was eating, however, I don't believe it was as annoying as her spilling a hot cup of beverage over her own crotch!
Anyway, I digress, on with the review of Trance....
The plot to Trance is as follows.  Simon (James McAvoy), a fine art auctioneer, teams up with a criminal gang to steal a Goya painting worth £27m however during the robbery he receives a blow to the head.
He wakes up in hospital with complete amnesia due to the concussion he had previously received.
The leader of the gang is Frank (Vincent Cassel), who is ruthless and after delivering great pain to Simon realises that maybe hypnosis will help to unlock this broken mind.
They randomly recruit a hypnotherapist (or should I say hypno-the-rapist but more about that later) and they choose the very beautiful Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson) who agrees to treat him.
Trance, is not just about criminals or a robbery involving rare and expensive works of art, rather it's about the power of suggestion and how as the film informs is that 5% of the population are susceptible to this. 
This doesn't sound like a lot until you start to realise two things.
1: 5% of 70m equals 3.5million (which is more than enough people to be considered a serious problem if they were mobilised for good or bad dependant on the suggestion).
2: If you're a regular subscriber to my musings you would know my views on Manchurian Candidates which isn't just a film starring Denzel Washington and the subject matter and processes explored more in the Born Identity films featuring Matthew Damon.
The term can be more explored via this link (Urban Dictionary: manchurian candidate)
A little bit more about Rosario's character in Trance.  Her surname is Lamb which during the Spring season of the pagan festival of Easter reminds me of innocent baby lambs being born without fur i.e., protection whereas Elizabeth is not as innocent as her surname would suggest...
The director of Trance is Danny Boyle who was famous for the 1990s film Trainspotting and the recent opening and closing ceremonies of The Olympics.  Talking about the Olympic Ceremonies, they cost £27m, and this film cost £13m (discuss).
The music to the film was provided by long time Danny Boyle collaborators Underworld who also did The Olympic Ceremony and Trainspotting (here's the link to what you didn't see in the Opening Olympic Ceremony.
Another connection is that Danny and Rosario are an item.  I do remember watching the Tom Cruise and Nicole (Cruise) Kidman film Eyes Wide Shut which came out in 1999 that featured explicit sex scenes which I thought they as a loving couple didn't need to do.  Before the film was released the celebrated director Stanley Kubrick died, and soon after this film was released  it was announced that Tom and Nicole were divorcing (an interesting article to read about their divorce and the effects on the family, Connor and Isabella Cruise side with dad after Tom and Nicole Kidman split
Another high profile film featuring explicit nudity was Monster's Ball starring Hallie Berry and Billy Bob Thornton. "They got it on" live on screen and soon after Billy Bob's partner Angelina Jolie gave him his token of his love for her (a vial of his blood in a pendant that she wore round her neck) back to him.  Hallie Berry's hubby at the time was Soul singer Eric Benét who when he saw the rough cut of the sex scenes in the film, developed an addiction to sex (just not with her) cue Decree Nisi/Absolute).
The above two examples aren't meant to say that the couples were cursed rather that couples should be careful what they do on screen and that Danny Boyle has allowed his very well endowed clean shaven girlfriend to appear in all her naked glory.  Will they survive after this? Speak to Tom, Billy and Eric to see if it's a good idea to allow your beautiful other half to appear Butt Naked! (But I digress...)
Talking previously about politics i.e., The Olympics: Rosario is also involved in the humanitarian organisation that was suggested by the celebrated Scientist Albert Einstein called International Rescue Committee (aka IRC for short) which is the organisation that the failed Labour Party leadership contestant David Miliband will now be heading up.
So that's the background on Trance.  If you like films with more twists and turns than a 1000 mile twisty turny machine then this is for you, however, while watching this, do be aware that when it comes to the power of suggestion; think about whether you are in the easily lead 5% or the "There's nothing we can do!" brigade?
Who's good, who's bad and who can be trusted? 

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Article by @gmanzen / 3rd April 2013


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REVIEW: Trance