Monday 1st April 2013 - Schools have gone “off - sted”

I don’t know about you but when I was at school, I can’t remember seeing the teachers running around like headless chickens trying to get their work in order for the great inspection by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED). 
We just thought that their irritation with us, and the invention of the words “highly strung” was standard practice.  However, this was when teachers were told about the intrusion.
OFSTED is now able to turn up to inspect schools with only a days notice, which is a change made by Michael Gove the Education Secretary.  Teachers believe that this new policy is added pressure for them.  But should they be prepared anyway? Should all of their work be up to par due to the fact that we are talking about our children’s education?  
Having said that if most of us were inspected in our work places to check on our work progress, how would we fair? If schools fail to get a good ranking then they could be forced to become academies.  Is there a reason for the short notice on inspections? Are academies the new way forward for schools so therefore they are set up to fail?
About 95% of teachers believe that school inspections only occur to satisfy the interests of the politicians and are not in place to benefit parents or the pupils.  Should we the parents want our schools to be inspected? Are incompetent teachers more afraid that these inspections will separate the wheat from the chaff? 
I’m so glad that it’s only schools that get inspected otherwise it would be game over for me.

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 - Money’s too tight to mention

A friend of mine who has worked as far back as I can remember has just been made redundant, he is an avid adventure junky and is now worried that he will no longer be able to support himself as well as sustain his adventurous habits.  To be honest that was the first thing he was worried about, he didn’t even mention his bills…
George Osborne has lashed out at churches and charities who have opposed the cuts that the government has made towards welfare.  This was hours after Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) claimed that he could live off the £53 a week in benefits.  That claim has since inspired people to sign a petition on asking IDS to put his money where his mouth is and prove that he could survive on such little money for a year.
When asked the question if he could live on the £53, Mr. Smith retorted by saying “if he had to, then he would.”  With everything rising and wages/benefits being cut or frozen things are becoming more and more difficult, even for those who are used to living on and managing such little money, so IDS for whom, (if I may be so bold), £53 is generally chump change for him to make such a brave statement.
Families have to survive on the £53, they are expected to feed and clothe their children as well as stay on top of the bills, and most can only afford to put their heating on sparingly due to the increase of fuel bills.  
Mr. Osborne has stated that Labour politicians cannot just wish away Britain’s debt problem.  Lest we forget, that we are actually in this situation by design, Countries are printing money all the time, yet many countries owe trillions and the natives don‘t even know why (but if you want to know why check out this link
Many countries will never ever be able to repay the debt and still the fat cats purr on at our expense without a care or thought for the useless eaters.
I think I could probably live off just £53 a week, so long as I were to get my expenses paid for, and my regular wage paid into my account… Simple.

Wednesday 3rd April 2013 - The not so grand National

I remember when I was at school and my friends and I used to race snails in the playground, one of our teachers caught us and said that what we were doing was cruel.  At the time, we obviously didn’t think so, and did it to while away our break times, although the bell had usually gone by the time the snails had got anywhere near the half way mark.  The race was always pending...
There is talk that the Grand National should be banned, we are talking about a race that has been going since the year 1839 which is so long now it is classed as an institution.  This year’s prize fund will be in the region of £975,000, so a lot of money is fed into this race, people who don’t usually bet on the horses tend to have a flutter on this, what is classed as a barbaric race.
Two horses died last year, which animal right protestors, and public at large, deemed as being cruel.  Every year, people protest against this race only to fail due to the amount of money going through the bookies.  Let’s face it, money is usually the common denominator and it would probably have to take the death of quite a few jockeys before the race would face true scrutiny.  
Owning a race horse is now the new black for celebrities and the super rich, whenever things are heavily influenced by them, what the people say is usually null and void.  This doesn’t mean we should stop standing up for what we believe in though…
I wonder if Findus will be waiting at the finishing line ready to fill out their order form…

Thursday 4th April 2013 - The gloves are off

I remember the days when kids used to fight one on one,  there would be a couple of kids surrounded by a group of immature students, chanting scrap, scrap, scrap… Now they hunt in packs, but I guess it’s all learned behaviour.
If we think about how our country approaches the situation of war, we literally go in guns blazing.  There is now the worry that North Korea could potentially point their war heads at Britain.  David Cameron wants to get Labour leader Ed Miliband onside of supporting Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system.  If the system isn’t renewed it could cost a potential 13,000 jobs.  Trident was first initiated in what was called the second cold war.  It was designed to stop major threats to the UK’s security.  I find it ironic that the very weapons we are protecting ourselves from are probably the same ones that the British Government has sold to hostile countries.  
Most of us know that war always generates money, so when we are told that we are going to war for whatever reason do not be fooled into thinking it’s because we’re not playing anymore, it’s because money is once again at the forefront of the deal.
Head of States converse all the time, we are living in the 21st century where communication is key, so technically we don’t have to go to war, we choose to and it’s our children that are dying not the people at the top.  Their children are safe and surrounded by impenetrable shelters that we have no idea about.  
If there is one thing Governments can boast about giving and that’s good war heads…  

Friday 5th April 2013 - Light at the end of the tunnel

It could be a week of frustrations, disillusions and bankruptcy, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, there are always people that we can talk our frustrations through with… its all about positive over negative which always sounds like a cliché but it works for me… 
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane 

Article by Citizen Jane / 5th April 2013


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