Monday 25th March 2013 - More tax please we’re British

Is it just me but every time I get my wages, it seems like more and more of it goes towards some form of tax and less and less goes into my pocket.  To the point where I’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually have a life.  People say money talks, well mine has signed a vow of silence...

George Osborne has got to be the worst magician ever with his now you see it, now you don’t trick, especially with our taxes.  He‘s not even very good at the watch the taxes rise trick, without seeing the strings attached when clearly they are right there.  The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has warned that taxes will rise whilst Mr. Osborne has been accused of masking the deficit. 

We have been told to brace ourselves, because when D:ream sang things can only get better,  well folks not wanting to be the voice of doom but…they’re not.  Taxes are going to rise after the next election due to the £9bn gaping black hole in public finances.  How are we expected to recover from this, especially when the borrowing continues and there is no end to cuts that don’t actually seem to be making a dent in our deficit? 

Yet bonuses are being paid to the big wigs and ‘we’ the useless eaters (a term deemed for the poor by Henry Kissinger) are left floundering in the wind like a lingering fart. 

Apparently without these new tax rises, government spending will have to be cut by 18 per cent by 2018.  That my friends; will be a mammoth task.  Be prepared because not only will we suffer but our children and our children’s children.  

Mr. Osborne stated that public borrowing from 2012-13 would come to £100m below the £121m deficit, the magician is again at work trying to make things disappear, where as the Office for Budget responsibility (OBR) has revealed that the chancellor achieved this illusion by ordering departments to under spend their budgets in the final two months of the tax year.

This is quite a neat trick and is going to cause mayhem across the nation.  The way things are going with the tightness of our budgets if he manages to pull a rabbit out of his top hat, we might be forced to eat it. 

Tuesday 26th March 2013 - Suffering with a touch of gas

I was talking to a colleague at work about my gas, how it’s causing me pain and how it is constantly rising to the point where it was costing me big time and I needed to let it out otherwise it could cause me an internal explosion, it was only when she recommended a good doctor that I realised she wasn’t on the same page as me.

I was obviously talking about the price jump of Energy bills which will be as much as £200 over the next year due to man exhausting the resources which effectively is causing gas shortages, this is making people think twice about switching on their central heating, it will be difficult for pensioners to withstand the harsh winters if they have the worry of heating bills over their heads. 

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Qatar was brought in to save us Brits from our diminishing supply but this isn’t good news for us because are supply is becoming limited, this is causing energy companies to look at the future situation and their answer is to hike up the prices of our gas and electricity bills.  It seems, if in doubt; make us pay. 

This winter seems to be going on forever, everyone is shocked about having snow at the end of March, but I guess we lost the rights to have seasons when people started playing about with nature, for instance for the Beijing and London Olympic Games, cloud seeding was used to manipulate the weather this can only cause the world problems in the long run which sets of a chain of events known as the butterfly effect.  

In turn this means shorter summers and longer winters, which brings me right back round to our higher and lengthy energy bills.  Has it all been done by design?  

The Big six energy suppliers buy in the  majority of the gas that is supplied to households and business more than a year in advance and due to the weather and the demand in gas thus causing wholesale prices to soar considerably higher.  The average yearly gas and electricity bill in theUK is currently £1,300 but with the rise of costs of £130 (10%) this would bring the bill up to about £1430. 

Hence the fact that people are now starting to ration their use of fuel in order to save money.  How are we the ones lower down the chain supposed to survive, it has been reported that families have burned their own furniture in order to get through this winter?  I burned my drawers once; I nearly set the whole street on fire from the fumes.  Don’t worry though,  I always keep a spare pair in my bag…

Wednesday 27th March 2013 - Has the Miliband disbanded

I remember when I left my last work place, my leaving party consisted of dry curled sandwiches, soft crisps and people saying “see ya then” whilst closing the door behind me as I’m trying to not let it hit me on my way out.  I wonder if they’ll miss me…

The same cannot be said for David Miliband who has announced that he is quitting politics to take a senior role in New York in a charity based organisationthat deals with humanitarian crisis’s around the world called the International Rescue Committee (IRC) he will succeed George Rupp the former CEO of the organisation and his role begins in September.  His brother Ed has stated he will be welcome to return at any time.

Why America? We ask ourselves, what have they got that we couldn’t give David

Over the past three decades David has been instrumental in heading up Climate Change and the Sustainable Energy Bills, and has set up some so called worthy projects, such as, the first legally binding framework for reducing carbon emissions.  I guess this was essential considering he was the Secretary of State for the environment.   

The IRC obviously have a lot of faith in David, we have to wonder how long this opportunity has been in the pipeline?

The IRC was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein to help victims of the Nazi‘s, it’s an organisation that offers care and nurture to refugees forced to flee war torn disasters.  This is a project close to the heart of David Miliband due to the fact that his parents were refugee’s and came to Britain in the 1940’s.

Forbes named the IRC as one of five all-star charities in their usual debacle endless lists of blah, blah, blah.  Which I guess technically to you and I means absolutely nothing, but by their works shall they be known.  I guess the proof will be in the pudding.  I wonder who else will be jumping on the Miliband wagon.

Thursday 28th March 2013 - You’ll just feel a little prick…

My colleagues and I were offered the flu jab at work; they said it was for the benefit of the company so that more of their staff wouldn’t need to take the time off work due to catching the flu.  Don’t they get it?  We want to take time of work!

I spoke to an actual, real life, Doctor and he said that the flu jab was a waste of time, they inject us with the flu virus, but this doesn’t mean that after having the jab we won’t get the virus.  Will we ever know what they inject us with? Apparently scientists have come up with a revolutionary vaccine to combat foot and mouth disease.  

Well if they can invent this vaccine, what else can they come up with; perhaps a vaccine to actually circulate the virus?  How is it that Bird flu has disappeared along with mad cow disease?  Now we see it, now we don’t.  Where do these diseases come from and disappear to. 

Why are we so quick to be the human guinea pigs, just because they tell us we need it and it will help us?  Talk about killing us softly.  Remember once this synthetic vaccination has been pumped into our cattle, we then have to eat it.  And we wonder why more and more people are dying of cancer etc.  Are we turning into a Nation that just accepts our fate? Everyone knows that there are far too many of us on this planet hence genetically modified foods (GM) more synthetic goods.  How can all of this be good for us? Clearly it isn’t.  

Genetically Modified apple a day keeps the doctor in pay…

Friday 29th March 2013 - Reach out and touch…

We shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for what we believe in, fulfil our passions, dreams and visions, if we can reach out and touch one person we will have accomplished great things. 

I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.

Citizen Jane 

Article by Citizen Jane / 25th March 2013


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