We Will Rock You is not a musical in the traditional sense, what little plot is established is lost through anticipation of the next Queen classic.  The absurdity of the story is easily forgiven because of the comical undertones and the strength of the music.  This is a show that does not take itself seriously and neither should anyone watching it.

The ensemble punch out the rock anthems in true air guitar awesomeness and the lead characters were exceptional at belting out the songs we’ve grown to know and love.   I never stopped smiling, singing, stamping my feet, clapping my hands throughout the performance; and never observed an audience so willing or so in anticipation to do the same. 

Love Queen? See this.  Love musicals?  See this.  Generally like having a good time?  See this.

On until Saturday 30th at Capital FM Arena

Richard Groves

Article by Richard Grove / 27th March 2013


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We Will Rock You