Monday 16th  January 2012

I took my nephew to the park today, he had a brand new motorised toy boat which he wanted to try out on the duck pond. The first three attempts were successful, then the ducks and swans decided to have none of it and sabotaged our vessel…. Tears, stamping of feet and then the foetal position, before my nephew managed to console me… well what can I say I’m spoilt.. I thought I was having a bad day until I heard about the ship capsizing off the coast ofItalyand lives were lost. Was it human error? How can this be avoided in the future? Do we rely on technology far too much? Or without it could the outcome have been far worse? Even though everything is relative sometimes there are people out there in far worse positions than ourselves.


Tuesday 17th January 2012

I’m once again turning out all of my pockets trying to find cash that I might have stashed in an unsuspected pocket or bag… I sometimes wonder where all of my money goes to. I’m not over indulgent (well not all of the time anyway) I don’t go out every weekend and I’ve stopped buying the gimp gear so WHERE IS MY MONEY….. Ahhhhhhh just got my answer George Osborne has pledged to put more money back into The International Monetary Fund (IMF) which could see the UK contributing £15billion to bail out the Euro, now I know that the Government are not going to personally dig deep into their own pockets to do the bailing seeing as they are still fighting for their perks money….so that only leaves us the tax payers, now I pose two questions. 1. Doesn’t the IMF have enough of our money? 2. Do “They” not realise that we are all stone cold flat broke?  Maybe that’s “There” plan to just totally break us, so it turns into a vicious circle, we then turn to “Them to bails us out which in turn means we end up doing the bailing… back to square one how tiring.


Wednesday 18th January 2012

It’s my nieces first wedding anniversary, which gift wise means paper, now we in the family all know how tight her husband is so all she will probably be receiving is today’s newspaper. If you are a member of the Royal family though gift ideas are far more extravagant… there is talk to give the Queen a Royal Yacht for her Diamond Jubilee which is going to cost £60million, apparently this is to overturn Britain’s mood of Austerity…. Why don’t they try thinking about “we” the people instead of throwing out these ridiculous notions, then there wouldn’t be a mood of austerity or of any other kind. Why can’t a Cubic Zirconia ring fromArgossuffice like it did for me. God Save the Queen.


Thursday 19th January 2012

Where I live out in the sticks, if you haven’t got a car then you are screwed, there isn’t a local taxi service and the bus stops running before 8pm… but I’m supposed to just deal with it because that’s life. For people in government it’s not looking good when it comes to transport though, in a written statement, the Department of Transport said it had cut the bill for ministerial cars from £6.7m to £3.8m. The cuts have left seven government departments including the Foreign Office, the Department of Health, the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Climate Change with no official car. Woe is them….. It really gets my goat how these people could think that they are being inconvenienced when pensioners may be forced to sell their homes due to care fees doubling to £60.000 in the new coalition plans to save billions… Here’s a plan for the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley cut the ministerial car bill again and let the pensioners live out their years spent in care peacefully, without stress or worry. Is it really a case of in with the old and out with the new coalition?????


Friday 20th January 2012

It could be a week of frustrations, disillusions and bankruptcy, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel for me, there are always people that I can talk my frustrations through with… its all about positive over negative which always sounds like a cliché but it works for me… The Government is trying to tell us when to feel happy, how about “Us” being happy because we choose to be, let’s start thinking for ourselves and helping each other instead of always being dictated too…. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Article by Jenna Tayleah / 20th January 2012


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