I have to say a big Thank You to @DerbtQUAD who allows me the privilege of watching great films in a great cinema.

I've seen my personal favourite film of the year called Django Unchained, also loved watching a film last week called Cloud Atlas and the third quality film I've seen there has got to be the one I'm gonna review below....
The film I'm talking about is called Arbitrage but what does the word mean?

Definition of arbitrage: the simultaneous sale of the same security in different markets to profit from unequal prices (full definition here)
The main character in this film is Robert Miller  (Richard Gere), who plays the Billionaire Hedge fund manager who is trying to sell a company for an astronomical price even though he knows that there's a gaping hole in the books.

The main cast is made up by Susan Sarandon who plays his (long suffering) wife Ellen, his daughter (Brit Marling) and Jimmy Grant (Nate Parker) who is the son of Miller's deceased driver.
The opening scene in the film sees Miller arriving home and his family throwing him a birthday party and it all looks nice and cosy.

Soon after, we see Miller visiting his French Mistress Julie, played by Laetitia Casta at her art gallery/apartment.
All seems to be going very well for Miller until the day it all unravels and his calculating cold brain that has served him in the ruthless world of high end finances is called into making unethical decisions that a more morally tuned in person would not even consider much less do.

I reckon if the director had used a physically repulsive person, say, me, then the audience would not have warmed to him rather they would have thrown popcorn, tinned tomatoes and steel toe capped boots at him, however, he is a beautiful mature man that we remember subconsciously from Pretty Woman, American Gigolo and An Officer and a Gentleman.
This is a great role for Gere and also an equally great role played by Tim Roth as the determined and unauthordoxed Detective Michael Bryer who's prepared to apprehend him Malcolm X style "By Any Means Necessary!"
The Detective sees the weak link in the Billionaire's story is in the alibi of his driver on the fateful night Jimmy Grant (Nate Parker) but Jimmy ain't no snitch, however, the stakes are raised and Jimmy is feeling the heat...
This film cost £12m to make and took £36m at the box office which is a shame because it's a quality film with a quality cast.

This is Richard Gere's best film since the much underrated Brooklyn's Finest.
Watch it and see for yourself....

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Article by @gmanzen / 25th March 2013


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REVIEW: Arbitrage