Monday 11th March 2013 - War, Huh. What is it good for…?

The other day I went to visit a friend, her house is amazing and I decided then and there that I never ever wanted to leave her home.  I’ve not spoken to her about this, and I’m wondering if she’ll notice that I still inhabit her home. Well what can she do once I’ve staked my claim
This is what the American’s did when they wished to claim land back in the 1860’s, Abraham Lincoln signed the first Homestead Act of 1862
The Falkland islanders are voting to stay with British ruling/political status; I find it quite bizarre.  People find it offensive if you said you were going to move into their property without their authority, some people have even fought over the parking space outside of their homes, yet we as a Nation, find it ok to claim land that is thousands of miles away.  To see the results of the islanders votes see this link.
I wonder why people were fighting over the control of the Falkland Islands...What has it got, that people want? Could it have anything to do with black gold...Mmmm.   Lives were actually lost to have a stake in this claim, it wasn’t a long battle (it lasted 74 days) but it was a vicious and bloody battle, 649 Argentine Military personnel, 255 British Military personnel and 3 islanders lost their lives.  
All this was in the aid of ownership.  We don’t see the penguins fighting over the land, but I guess man always wants what someone else has got.  I wonder if my friend will let me put my name on the deeds of her house…  

Tuesday 12th March 2013 - Now bend over and touch your toes

Sometimes just saying the word exercise brings me out in a cold sweat.  I remember when a guy I fancied asked me to go to the gym with him, which I found wasn’t the best first date, I guess you’re supposed to pay attention when you have the responsibility of spotting for someone.  Unfortunately, I was doing a whole lot of alternative spotting of my own.  
Centre left think tank Demos about has come up with the idea that if you regularly exercise and eat well then you should be able to jump the queue for NHS operations.  They want people to produce supermarket receipts and gym memberships to prove their healthy determination.  But what about the people who can’t afford to eat well or join a gym, are they exempt, or the people who are on the hospital waiting list because of severe ill health which has had nothing to do with their weight or diet.
What about the rubbish that is being pumped into our foods and is in itself causing the breakdown of our bodies.  Is this a fair deal or should it just apply to severely obese people.  Should we be able to sit in the seat of judgement, although biblically anything in excess is a sin, whether we think it’s good or bad for us?  They have suggested that those on benefits who exercise regularly should receive larger payments as an incentive for acting responsibly.  Really? With all the cuts there’s money in the pot for this.
Now I’m not saying we should be sloth’s or that we should eat to excess and yes we should look after our bodies but the government needs to look more into the problem with Genetically Modified (GM) foods and our not as fresh as we thought fruit that is now covered in a waxy substance that I’m sure cannot be good for us.  
So folks, if you want to get a bed on the NHS then it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away.  Live well my friends.

Wednesday 13th March 2013 - MP’s say boo to boozy Britain

I decided to stop drinking, not that I’m an alcoholic or anything but when you wake up on a park bench next to the town drunk and you’re a lot more inebriated than him and he‘s holding your hair back while you vomit is a sure sign to call it a day.
David Cameron has stated that he will deal with cheap alcohol supplied in supermarkets in England and Wales.  Tory MP Sarah Wollaston spoke out, saying that a price rise could cut down crime and alcohol related deaths.  The Prime Minister seems to be out on a limb for this one, seeing as he’s made a huge U-turn regarding this policy and Ed Miliband seemed to take great pleasure in the fact.  

Their argument seems debatable considering the stress of life which they have orchestrated for us has caused people to be ironically driven to drink.  Although I have to say when a packet of crisps costs more than a bottle of beer, we are in serious doo doo.  Parliament is split at the moment because former Home Secretary David Davis is concerned that it will appear to be a punishment for the low income responsible drinkers and pensioners which is a totally different view to Sarah Wollaston.
I just find it very bizarre, the government states that they want us to eat and live well, yet we can buy some booze cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables… Does this seem right to you?  Alcohol causes a lot of problems in this country,  it is a drug that can incite people to fight and shed their inhibitions, due to cheap bar promotions it’s been discovered by most that at the bottom of every alcoholic beverage glass is a whole load of hormones.
I have to admit that a Cabernet Sauvignon sounds more appealing right now than the Cabinet Office.  One is born from a substance being crushed by people, and another is born from crushing people to the point where they are left with no substance.

Thursday 14th March 2013 - Rome-in’ charge paid by papal

A friend of mine is a true Roman Catholic through and through if you were to cut her in half it would say made in the Vatican although we all know technically this couldn’t possibly be true. Right…
So for all the hopeful vigil believers who stood waiting to see the white smoke their prayers have been answered.  Their new pope has been elected.  (I wonder how many cigars the cardinals had to smoke to create all of that black smoke)…  St. Peters Square was full with a joyful crowd as they witnessed Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aged seventy six, of Argentinian decent and now the 266th Papal appear on the balcony. Is it just me or do they all look the same?
What does the Pope actually do, the Bible says by our deeds we shall be known; now I’m not putting the Pope down we only see the Pope on very special occasions, he smiles and waves in their little Pope mobile and people flock to see him in the hope of kissing his ring. (Stop it).   We still live in a world of poverty, people in this day and age are still drinking filthy/contaminated water yet the Vatican has a vast degree of wealth, wealth that you or I couldn’t possibly imagine.
Bergoglio took on the name Francis because the Catholic Church sees the name as one of the most revered saints who were apparently a beggar in 13th century Italy; the name is seen as a sign of humility.  Will this Pope live up to his chosen name?  Is there going to be a remarkable difference to the world’s poverty?  The New Pope asked the crowd to do him a favour and pray for him, but it’s not just about our prayers but about the actions of the Catholic Church too.
Is this a case of it’s a whole load of fuss for a man, yet when Jesus was on earth spreading the word with actions, he was ridiculed and crucified less we forget.
Well, the people now have their Pope, it will be interesting to see “Vat I can” do for you.  

Friday 15th March 2013 - Community Spirit

Everywhere we go people are always saying how tough things are, we walk through our city centres and shop fronts are boarded up, people’s debts are piling up and for some it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but do not lose hope my friends, for together we can conquer the world.  Let’s keep our communities alive.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
© Citizen Jane 

Article by Citizen Jane / 15th March 2013


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