Project S2Di0 is a Community focused recording facility based on Meadow Lane in Nottingham.  We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed atmosphere, in which passion and collaboration fuse to make great things happen.  We offer subsidised rates for Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Rehearsal rooms.  
We have a strong team of individuals and a diverse network of creative’s that we are always looking to add to.  
Currently, we are offering ‘drop in’ sessions for those with an interest in Audio Engineering.  
Our aim is to help future engineers to develop there skills and abilities by 'learning on the job’, this is the way in which we learned about the job, and believe this is the best method to learning such specialist skills.
Eventually, we hope that these engineers will go on to run studio recording sessions independently at Project S2di0 and any other potential opportunities which become available, such as a Live Sound, Leading Workshops and Sound Design.......
Attending drop in sessions on a Thursday Evening is a great opportunity to come and learn, Network, make friends, ask questions and explore different recording techniques and possibilities......
Unfortunately, the spaces are limited we can only have two assistants for each session, so your involvement will be on a first come first serve basis
All levels of ability are welcome, as you will be trained and showed how to operate equipment and facilities...
Please email if you are interested... or call 07808729247 - Tom

Article by Project S2dio / 11th March 2013


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Assistant Audio Engineer Opportunity