Monday 4th March 2013 - Wiki’s leaking all over the place

My boss can sometimes appear to be quite secretive; whenever I’ve walked into his office of late a file he is looking at is hastily closed and placed carefully into a drawer.  Needless to say I became quite suspicion of his behaviour so on the day that he left early and conveniently forgot to lock his office, I couldn’t resist and snuck in and looked at the file he’d been hiding from me (not paranoid at all) only to find that hidden between the binders was this months copy of the material you can find on the “top shelf” of newsagents…
The fraudster…  He was pretending to be working hard when in fact he was hard, at work…  
Bradley Manning is a man who had real secret files to expose after he admitted for the first time that he was responsible for the leakage of government material.  What is it that the government wishes to hide from us? What don’t they want us to know? Do many of us want to know? Or are we the people that Jack Nicholson refers too in the film "A Few Good Men" when he shouts “you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth.” 
Bradley manning will have signed the Espionage Act which I guess is the USA’s version of our Official Secrets Act, but as a friend of mine always tells me once you know, it’s very difficult to unknow.  Is this why Bradley Manning spoke out with the truth? What is the American government doing on the battlefield to the point where through revelation, a man gets arrested?
Well I’m sitting up and taking notice now…  Aahh…  I see…  That’s exactly what they don’t want…  People to actually sit up and take notice.  Mr. Manning is being charged for passing on classified and sensitive information to wiki-leaks, thus wanting the general public to know as well as pose the question of “what is the military’s role…  Well…  What is their true role?  Is it right to invade countries and kill thousands of innocent people in the aid of what?
We are all under the impression that Osama Bin Laden was a bad person who wanted to terrorise the nation, we were to fear him.  Yet who flew him and his family out of America on the only plane that took off on that fateful day? Terrorism is never a good thing, yet governments terrorises people all the time keeping us bogged down in fear.  
A bit like my boss who is terrorising us trying to find out who removed an important folder from his desk draw…Oops.

Tuesday 5th March 2013 - Dementia…The mind is a terrible thing to waste

I spent some time volunteering my services in a centre for people who suffered with dementia (this had nothing to do with community service), for me it was time well spent and because if I said something to offend, it was soon forgotten and a good job too.
Unfortunately the number of people succumbing to Alzheimer’s or dementia has increased, these diseases are affecting one in three of the UK’s aged.  Britain is featured very low on the list when it comes to health this is in comparison to 14 other country members in the EU.
According to the Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2010 both these diseases are now the 10th leading cause of death within the UK.  Many of us are disinterested in such diseases unless it affects us personally, but these are diseases that can hit anyone of us, we cannot imagine how frustrating it must be for people, being trapped in a mind that can no longer remember or function how it used to, family and friends become kind strangers.
This is a terrible situation on all sides, family and friends are long forgotten sometimes only to become distant memories of a time gone by.  Then there’s those who are the visitors, everyday must seem like ground hog day, constantly trying to remind their mind lost loved ones of their roles only for them to be like nervous actors floundering in the wings, forgetting their lines. 
The government needs to get its priorities straight and rather than spending frivolous money on things such as the raising of the Olympic rings on London Bridge which cost over £300,000 why not think about putting said money into the health fund.  Or do they suffer from temporary dementia when it’s suits and choose to forget about we the people.
They owe us that much seeing as I think we’ve paid our dues…Less we or they forget.

Wednesday 6th March 2013 - Money’s too tight to mention

It’s been a very tight month for me and I haven’t been able to catch up with myself financially, just like everyone else I guess.  I asked someone I knew if she could lend me some money to tide me over, she was very helpful and after she’d broken her piggy bank and counted out the £50 in coins, to show my appreciation I made my thirteen year old niece a cup of tea to say thanks.
Payday lenders are in the lime light at the moment being accused of illegal activity.  Due to their high interest rates, they are being forced to review their advertising tactics so that those in financial straights don’t get caught in the money cross fire and are unable to pay it back.
The office of fair trading (OFT) has stepped in to curb loans that are constantly rolling over, which means that those who have borrowed the money are forever in debt with no way of paying off the loan.  The adverts make it sound like borrowing money is easy to the point where it makes you forget that you actually have to pay it back and the percentage on the APR alone is enough to scare anyone.
Payday loans have been told if they don’t give people the clear information when they advertise then they will be shut down.  These companies know that times are tough and people are desperate, yet rather than helping they are causing people to sink further into despair.  
Just be careful folks if you do decide to use payday lenders, because just like the adverts that use old people to convince you to take out a loan, that’s how old you will be when you will be able to pay it back.

Thursday 7th March 2013 - What a load of ballots

My son was out canvassing to become the class president in his school, he has promised all sorts of things to achieve this, when I asked him how he was going to follow through if he gets elected, he said he would just do what the politicians usually do and blag it…Such role models.
Kenya has charged the UK with meddling this is due to system failure so ballots had to be hand counted.  Is this system fair and well trusted…?  Mmm.  The Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, who is facing criminal charges under the International Criminal Court (ICC) has accused the High Commissioner of “shadowy, suspicious and rather animated involvement.“ 
Clearly Mr. Kenyatta doesn’t want Britain’s involvement in this situation.  A computer bug is apparently to blame for the large number of rejected votes. The computer was multiplying each rejected vote by a dodgy factor of eight.  This has led to allegations and disputes of wait for it…Fraud. 
Now if you’ve read any of my archived publications you will know that my love and trust in any government is pretty much non existent.  So when you hear of ballots being hand counted, what is that all about?  Slight of hand is a gift…Or is it a curse for the opposition. 

Friday 8th March 2013

The news is full of bad news and stories that you have to read in between the lines to the point where it should called clues and not news.  It is full of random acts of violence, let’s flip it on its head and continue with our random acts of kindness.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane 

Article by Citizen Jane / 8th March 2013


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