This time of year is a time for reflection and evaluation. For me 2011 was a year great year, one that saw me chipping away at my goals and setting the infrastructure for bigger things. So I would like to thank myself for being bold, believing in my ideas & aspirations and having the guts to go forward. You may read this and label me as arrogant but I think in life it’s important to have faith in you own ability and have the balls to be an individual…there are so many people that will easily cast off negative comments, laugh at your dreams and put you down but this is usually because they have low self esteem and lack vision! This year I plan to leave those negative people behind and step into the future with courage…

A New Year lies ahead, filled with new prospects, goals, hurdles and achievements. I have a feeling of being on the verge of greatness and a warm optimism overflows within me at the moment- I wish I could bottle it, coz I know there will be days when it could come I handy.

New goals are growing as each new sun rises. I have a few projects to unleash this year. One being Jamlish a documentary charting the impact Jamaican Patois has on British culture, this documentary has been threatening to leave the chamber of my mind for a while.  I feel it’s time to make it happen as this is the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence, the Bible has been translated in Patois, and to answer David Starkey’s unjustified comments made on Newsnight suggesting that the uprisings last year were initiated because young people are speaking/behaving like Jamaicans (To view on You Tube click here).  In actual fact, I think Britain holds the title for the World Looters Championships, just visit any of their museums and ask yourself how artifacts such as the Statue of the pharaoh Ramesses II became to be house there…Anyway I am making this documentary in association with Nottingham Black Archive and hopefully the Jamaican high commission are going to be on board plus others who I can’t mention at this point. This documentary is looking how Jamaican music has transported Patois words, phrases into the British vocabulary talking to poets, linguist, musical artists, young and old people, and hopefully David Starkey!!! I plan for this documentary to celebrate Jamaican patois and the people who created it- I’m not against non Jamaicans using the language but feel it’s important people know what they are saying and where the language came from!

I’m also apart of theUK’s larges youth poetry slam ‘Shake the Dust’ organized by Apple and Snakes. I will be working with Nottingham Poet Michelle ‘Mother’ Hubbard as a poet shadow to inspire a group of young people into writing and performing poetry. Our team of young people will compete with four other teams in the region and then the highest scoring team will go forward and compete in the national final.

These are just two of many projects I’m involved with this year and will keep you all updated.

Article by Ioney (Film) / 20th January 2012


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Having the Guts to go Forward