Monday 25th February 2013 - A, A, A, calm down, calm down.

My mother always used to tell me when I was little that it was always good to save something for a rainy day.  If only I’d listened, because it’s not just raining it is absolutely throwing it down, and I haven’t got a pot to do a proverbial gypsies kiss in. 
Times are tough for most of us and the majority can just about get by on the meagre wages that we earn, yet statistics show that 1in 3 adults in the UK isn’t saving and 1 in 5 haven’t got any savings at all.  Personally, I don’t think it’s a case of we aren’t saving, but more that we can’t.  If every thing is going up in price, and cuts are rife, yet wages are on a pay freeze how is it remotely possible for anyone to be able to save anything?
Many people are trying to hold onto their jobs while more and more people are losing them.  In the midst of it all Britain has lost its AAA gold plated rating; the pound has fallen since the ratings agency Moody’s downgraded the country to AA1.  Which in effect is going to stunt the growth of the countries economy for quite some time.  
Oh how the mighty have fallen, did we ever think that Great Britain would ever lose it’s strong currency status, the pound is now worth about 8 per cent less against the US Dollar, the Euro and who would have thought it but some Caribbean currencies too.   Although on the flip side the pound is 14% stronger in Japan than it was a year ago due to the strength of the sterling against twelve long haul destinations which Japan has led.  That aside, we are still in a whole world of trouble.
How has George Osborne survived so long in his job maybe it’s all the FTSE he’s been playing under the table, if anybody else had caused such devastation in their work a sure P45 would definitely have been on the cards, some may think that’s a harsh statement to make but come on, we all know people who have been fired for less.  This isn’t just a simple case of misplacing a memo; we are talking about the future of the country.
Let’s be honest, it’s going to take more than an AAA battery to recharge the AAA ratings and jump start GB’s credit rating

Tuesday 26th February 2013 - Sex sells, but MP’s colleagues aren’t buying it.

I was at work when a gentleman came in for a meeting from another company; he had a female colleague in tow.  The meeting as per usual was very dull so my mind and my eyes wandered around the room, I watched the gentlemen try to place his hand on his female colleague’s knee and she tried to discreetly remove it and gave him a look of disapproval.
I don’t know what came over me but I just stood up and accused him of sexually harassing his colleague, after the stunned silence abated, there was a little quiet voice that piped up, “thanks for your concern but he’s actually my husband, we work together.”  Oops…  How was I supposed to know…?  Me and my big mouth; his wandering hands and her lack of wifely enthusiasm in public.  Which I guess is fair enough due to the size of his dic-tionary.
Well the Liberal Democrats also have a lack of enthusiasm seeing as their poll ratings have dropped somewhat due to the sexual harassment allegations against their Chief Executive Lord Rennard towards female party activists. 
People were wondering why Nick Clegg hadn’t done anything about it, Mr. Clegg had even denied all knowledge, although in a statement made outside his home he stated that he heard indirect and non-specific concerns way back in 2008 but took no action at the time…  Hello… what does that actually mean? Was it too much effort to do the right thing?
Can these people really get away with anything, are they riding on the back of Aleister Crowley’s motto of “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  He was also classed as being the wickedest man in the world.  But that’s a completely different story and he’s not my idea of a role model.
Should we tolerate things being swept under the carpet because they can be?  We only have to look at the Jimmy Savile incident to know that people can hide behind large organisations whilst the ones at the top look the other way and pretend it’s not happening, so long as they can keep their hands clean, even though their hands are soiled from cross contamination.  
These people stand down from their jobs not because they want to but because they got caught.  If you’re going to vote, tick the box that says other then put your name down so that you can stand up and be counted, we only end up with the leaders that we deserve, don’t forget they work for us, not the other way around.
I think I was once sexually harassed, when my neighbour’s dog stuck his snout up my skirt. It was clearly barking up the wrong tree.  It died the next day from un-natural causes.

Wednesday 27th February 2013 - Who‘s smoking you out?

A colleague gave me a lift into work today, which not meaning to sound ungrateful but it will be the last time I accept his generous offer, you see, he’s a smoker and by the time we pulled into the works car park I was covered in ash, looking like a miracle survivor from Pompeii…  Ok a slight exaggeration but you get my drift.  
The public health minister Anna Soubry has stated that smoking should be banned in cars that carry children, I guess she’s talking about the adults smoking and not the kids, ahem?  She thinks that the government should consider implementing this ban.  But I guess it doesn’t involve the government making any money, so why would they?  David Cameron has stated he supports the ban of smoking in pubs and clubs but is a bit nervous about banning smoking in cars because that would be too much like making a conscious decision right.
Is it right for kids who haven’t got the ability to acknowledge how hazardous inhaling second hand smoke when they sit in the front/back of cars whilst adults are feeding their habits to have to suffer? Think of their little lungs folks.  Is it any wonder that Asthma (which is a word that can take your breath away) is on the increase, I’ll even stick my neck out and say people should also consider smoking in front of their children at home too.  Yeah…I said it…
Martin Dockrell who is the director of policy and research at the Action on Smoking and Health campaign group agrees with Ms. Soubry, and states it’s not just the children that are vulnerable but also the elderly, I guess that’s something to think about.  We need to look after our children, they look to us for love, guidance and support yet at times they are treated like they are unwelcome little guests.
If you’re a smoker and have children, not meaning to sound patronising but please do think before you light up, these are the very same people you want looking after you when you reach your dotage…Karma has a strange way of smoking you out.

Thursday 28th February 2013 - This little piggy went to market

When I was little my father always bought our meat from the cattle market, this was a place where they used to parade the livestock around for other farmers to examine as well as the public, it was a case of try not to make friends with a pig because we’d only to be eating it later on.  Sorry Babe…
Supermarkets seem to be trolling the world for the cheapest cuts of meat rather than buying it from British Farmers.  Have their hands been forced due to cost increase, or are they overlooking our British farmers?  The result of which would put money back into the Farming Coffers, which would then aid good farmers from cutting corners on how they store their livestock, it’s all about the knock on effect.
The head of the National Farmers Union (NFU), Peter Kendall stated the meat processors should tell retailers to get stuffed and that you can’t do eight burgers for a pound.  He also states and makes a valid point that big supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s which might I add are now our new corner shops, should be sourcing quality and traceable products from UK farmers.
Supermarkets try and fool we the consumer by using catchy British names on their produce only for them to come from abroad.  Not meaning to sound like a “meatest” (yes I just made up a word) but we should be supporting our local farmers which means money will be ploughed (yes I went there) into our economy.  Tesco’s has made a pledge that it will be buying all of it’s chicken from within Britain, is this another case of we will because we got busted otherwise let the good times roll at we the consumers expense and health.
It’s funny how they are trying to make us think that the horse meat scandal is a recent thing, but if we go as far back as 1948 we can see why the question of “why the long face” is being asked of retailers.
I’ve said it before, now that people are aware that beef is now horse (how confusing for the old McDonald had a farm song is that) we should also be questioning the other crap that is put into our foods such as all of the E numbers etc that they place into our products as well as the Genetically Modified (GM) foods.  We are being experimented on like lab rats.  Are we all happy with this?
Is it getting to the stage where our kids no longer know what a real animal is and think that a chicken is something that is sold vacuum packed in a cellophane wrapper, and they point in wonder, on a visit to the countryside, about what the funny thing with a tail sat down in the field is.  It’s like flogging a dead horse…

Friday 1st March 2013 - My values are with my friends

Sometimes it’s an overwhelming feeling for me to know the love and support I have from my family and friends, all it takes is for one person to reach out and then you have a network.  People will always try to put us down, but it’s very difficult to knock someone over when they are already on their knees.  Look after one another because we will get the friends that we deserve.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane 

Article by Citizen Jane / 1st March 2013


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