I had the wonderful opportunity to go to @DerbyQUAD to see two films back to back and what did I see first? Hitchcock and what did I think? Read on....
For those who don't know who Alfred Hitchcock was then let me try to enlighten you.
Hitchcock was a British born filmmaker that in 2007 was voted the best British Director ever and it's hard to argue against considering the body of work he left behind including The Birds, North by North West and Vertigo to name but three, however, the film Hitchcock tells the story of the making of his 45th movie "Psycho" which was his first foray into the horror film genre.
Hitchcock is played by the wonderfully talented Anthony Hopkins, a great filmmaker who was married to Alma, a brilliant editor in her own right, played by the very talented Helen Mirren.
I must admit that I loved this film because it wasn't just a biopic; rather it focused on his idea to make a film that others, near and far, said he shouldn't do.  Critics warned that if he did do it, he would be making the nails, which they would gladly hammer into his coffin.
If you want to know how he lived, and how he was perceived by his peers’ then watch the film.
If you want to know how the famous strings sound, used in the shower scene of Psycho, came to be included in the movie or how groundbreaking it was, then watch this film.
If you want to see a man, who's doesn't let fear of the unknown, stop him from taking on a project, which if it had failed, would have irreparably damaged his great reputation, and wiped him out financially, then (all together now) watch this film…
How influential was Alfred Hitchcock?
Watch Hitchcock @DerbyQUAD very soon to see what all the fuss is all about and prepared to be inspired....

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Article by @gmanzen / 26th February 2013


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REVIEW: Hitchcock