Monday 18th February 2013 - Trains, planes and Automatic pay increases…

A friend of mine was telling me how he paid for his train ticket and was half way on his journey when he had to disembark and catch a bus, which unfortunately he’d just missed due to the delayed train and was left munching on black smoke and grit as the bus sailed off into the sunset, whilst the bus conductor who was stood at the stop watched him doing his impression of Jesse Owens towards him and deliberately asked “are you ok mate.”  Well Mr Conductor, he would have been if you’d helped to stop the bus.
Why did he have to get a bus in the first place, when his ticket was for a train?  Rail companies have hiked their prices up and once again we suffer for it, yet the service is very poor and to add insult to injury, rail bosses are being given pay packets worth as much as £1.4m…  How can this be right?  How do they sleep at nights…?  I guess very comfortably on what they’re being paid.  
Commuters are up in arms about the price of standard tickets and rightly so, we are obviously paying far too much if these fat cat Executives from Go Ahead, First Group and Network rail can be given such dramatic wages which start from £900,000 upwards on top of this they will receive bonuses and other added benefits, whilst people in the real world are being screwed over for their measly benefits.  We really are living in a carefree world.
Only 22% of commuters felt that they were given the service that they paid for, which does not equate to a large number of people.  We’ve all waited for delayed trains at some time in our life, as well as had heart failure when we’ve been told the price of a ticket, only then to get on a one carriage train and had to stand up.  What is that about?  When you go to a concert you can buy a standing ticket which is always cheaper than the seated tickets.  But I guess, the more they can pack onto a train the more the big bosses can get paid. 
Even though Nation Rail’s trains are struggling with getting their trains out on time, they still managed to pay their chief executive Sir David Higgins a staggering £560,000 wage packet.  Manuel Cotes who is the leader of the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA)  Has stated that “one of the reasons are rail prices are extortionate is because we have created an army of Fat Controllers since John Major sold of British rail over 20 years ago.  
We all know that the figure paid to these big wigs is a crazy motive, which we know crazy is another word for loco.  Now it makes sense why trains are also called ‘locomotives’. 

Tuesday 19th February 2013 - Mansion tax makes man shun tax

A friend was telling me how her aunt, who was loaded, left her a house in her will; it’s a large and very expensive house so therefore it wasn’t just a simple case of buying a plant and moving in.  She had to pay tax due to the grandeur of the property, my friend who hates to be dictated to, was livid.  The house that has already been paid for out of taxpayer’s money was going to be taxed on again.  Is this fair?
Last week Ed Milliband promised he would put a mansion tax on homes over £2m, this doesn’t include the royal family though.   Prince Charles has many homes worth more than £2m yet like his mother who also has many palaces; this tax bypasses them, as per usual.  Is this because ‘we’ the common people live to indulge their whims, forgetting that they actually have more money than us, yet we bow and curtsy praying for them to look our way or even deem us with a royal wave.  
This is to see if they are providing we the tax payer value for our money, why don’t the try asking us, I guess they don’t really want to hear the truth.  I guess the question is would we rather have a monarchy or a president? But that’s a different topic.  Whether you’re a royalist or not, can we honestly say that it’s fair that the royals are getting away with not having to pay a mansion tax.  The government is clamping down on tax evaders yet if you’re a member of the elite then it’s ok to be an evader of tax.  
The only big house I’ve experienced is the one with HMP stamped on the front.

Wednesday 20th February 2013 - New medical guidelines says no twins for women under the age of 37 so you can IVF-off

A colleague from work was trying for a baby for years until she decided to go down the route of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).  I think at the time her husband even though he wanted children, said he was enjoying the interim.  He said that those trying periods were the best days of his life…  Mmmm…  I wonder why.   They are now proud parents, although her husband no longer looks happy due to his lack of sexual activity, he said she always seems to be on her menstrual cycle peddling as fast as she can, he now spends his days dragging his backside along the ground like a dog with worms…  Sad but true.
National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has said that only embryo should be replaced in order to reduce the risk of complications.  Women under the age of 37 are being told that they won’t be able to try for twins at their first attempt of IVF.  This has angered some campaigners who feel it goes against the rights and choices of the patient.
Is this the beginning of the ways of the communist world, where the number of children are dictated?  Now I know that might sound a little extreme, but is it ok for the government to make such decisions for people.  For most couples it’s a very testing time, wondering whether the procedure is going to work, especially now that women are being told they know longer have three cycles of IVF if they are in the age bracket of 39-42 now they only have one, this is due to cost because once you’ve walked down the garden path, through the lea, up one side of the hill and about to go over and descend down the other side of the hill, ok, I’ll get to the point, once you hit your forties in the baby making world then you’re ancient “apparently” this means that the birth success rates rapidly decline.  The National Health Service (NHS) is at the moment under a lot of pressure financially as it needs to find savings of up to £20bn by 2015 which is important, yet the amount of money frittered away at last years Olympic Games could have covered the cost, but I guess that’s a different story.  It’s just sickening what the priorities are with our hard earned tax payer’s money.
Each cycle of IVF costs about £3000, so I guess if this is the case once our kids reach 16-18 the age of consent we are within our rights to give them £3000 tell them to be on their way because we’ve paid our dues.  Everyone’s a winner.

Thursday 21st February 2013 - Children are our future

When my cousin’s 12 year old daughter started menstruating she thought it was the end of her world, in fact she thought she was dying, well she has always wanted to be an actress so dramatics is always part of her character.   My cousin was concerned for her because medically she is now a woman even though she is still a child.  Although attitude wise she’s in her twenties.
Now we all live in the same world that holds so much wickedness…  Well some of us in a bubble but nevertheless the same world.  However there are still times when certain things horrify us such as the 12 year old girl who was taken to a backstreet abortion clinic by a 38 year old member of a child sex trafficking gang.  These are our children that are supposed to be protected.  She was drugged whilst the procedure was carried out.  No, this does not make it ok.  The youngster felt she was in a real relationship with this man and believed he loved her even though he convinced her to have sex with other men.
She was only eleven when she first met this man.  We are living in such dark times where people think that anything goes.  Our children should be able to feel safe. I wonder what her parents who are both profoundly deaf thought the relationship between them both consisted of, is this what happens when we’ve lose our community spirit.  I remember being a kid and if our parents weren’t around there would always be someone watching over us, but who is watching over our kids now

Friday 22nd February 2012 - The only time evil can flourish is when good men say nothing…

Lots of bad things are happening out there, we need to protect our youngsters as well as our communities.  We need to find our morals and stand by them.  As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”  Don’t be the one that doess nothing.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 22nd February 2013


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