I wrote the piece below a few months ago but for those who missed it, here it is again but with a You Tube attachment featuring the man himself John Perkins.
Remember this is the man who did the job. He isn't a ghost-writer or writing about other people's experience, this is autobiographical.......
I cannot tell you how much I respect the man and how brilliant the book is.
Please read my review but if you can't be bothered (and I understand because ignorance hasn't killed nobody right) then watch the You Tube piece but be warned, it is long and it's VERY informative.
Please read and please watch.......
Review of Economic Hit Man and Wall Street II
Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin......
I don't know about you but there are a few things in life that I find relaxing (looking after my little Nazzy who happens to be a little person as opposed to a pet, she ain't one of them)! "What do I find relaxing" you ask? Well, gardening, cooking or going to the gym doesn't fit into that category. I do however, like to sit down in my comfy chair and read a good book. I'm currently reading a book called "The Confessions of an Economic Hit man" by John Perkins. 
It’s auto-biographical and explains why the West, controls and enslaves the rest of the World.  John P's remit was to inflate the long term prospects of a country's wealth if the said country allowed the USA to build and control their product.  If the country needed investment to start the development process then America would get John and people like him to work for an independent company (which was really a US government agency with invisible strings), they would then go into the country and negotiate a deal that looked attractive and favourable to the leader of that country.  
If the country liked the figures John conjured up but couldn't raise the capital to start the process, then John would get them a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or The World Bank (WB).  So far so good eh? Let me go on with my synopsis of this "good book"…  The aim of America in any deal is to get the country they were working with to default on repayments which resulted in the nation having to work FOREVER to pay off the loan. 
However, think about the words I’ve just used in the sentence. How can you "PAY OFF" something that lasts forever?!!! Answer, you can't!!! Now that's a book right, so surely I cannot show examples in the real world? According to John Africa's collective debt was around $240billion.  Yes, it was a lot of money for a continent, it was manageable.  After they took up the kind offer of aid from the IMF/WB they now owe (wait for it) a staggering $2trillion!!! 
The trick is now being repeated onto the fine people of Europe.  Nations such as Portugal, Iceland and Ireland are all on the verge.  I think it would be easier if I named nations that aren't part of the IMF/World Bank family, such as Venezuela, Russia, China and North Korea.  When you do not join the "American Family of debt" then the propaganda machine comes into play by discrediting the leader of the nation.  This in turn leads to an uprising, subsequently the leader steps down, and a pro-USA leader takes their place.  There are films that fictionalise this.
Now I know most peeps wouldn't find these types of books interesting or because of the extremely busy lives we all now lead, paying off our debts to the various Banks of the World, or you may think, "What's that got to do with me?" Let me explain how you are involved…
Films are another way I like to relax.  Every Friday I will go down to my local cinema and spend a whole day watching films.  What has dawned on me recently is how films mirror life, or is it the other way round? Two people wearing very long black trench coats go into a government building and set off explosives causing mayhem.  When questioned they give the impression that they are on a mission! 
So am I describing a scene from The Matrix or the Oklahoma bombing? In the film 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' the baddies, who happen to be Americans, tell Samuel Jackson (or is it Geena Davis), they are going blow up the World Trade Centre and blame it on Islamic terrorists.  The film was made five years before 9-11.
In the 80s, the film 'Wall Street' claims "greed is good".  In the 2010 follow up Gordon Gekko, the character played by Michael Douglas, the man who originally coined that phrase, states that this generation is in fact greedier. He coins another phrase, "NINJA" meaning No Income, No Job Assets. Even teen films that are supposedly light and innocent have a hidden meaning. Take 'The Other Guys' (which is very funny by the way), once you've laughed yourself hoarse, sit in your seat and enjoy the credits which consist of financial facts about the real debt of The US of A.  It seems to me that though Hollywood wants to entertain, they also want us to be informed, but are we listening? Are you still sitting comfortably……? 
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Article by @gmanzen / 18th February 2013


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